The weekend is finally here. The two days of fashion freedom. No more official wear, no more desks, reports and meetings. Its time to let down your hair, get a home facial, fix yourself an amazing meal and just relax (If only weekends lasted forever) . Continue reading “THE WEEKENDER.”


I love shoes. If food is the way to a man’s heart, well, shoes are the way to mine. Living in Nairobi does not allow me to wear heels as often due to the countless portholes on the pavements and many people shoving past me as I try to strut in my heels, but i still manage to wear my favorite shoes when I do not need to walk a lot. I try to help friends out from time to time but we all have that one friend who keeps borrowing clothes,jewellery,shoes and bags and never returns them (you know who I am taking about. Right?). Last year my shoe collection went down by half and my blog photo shoots and fashion events are about to start again, Continue reading “MY 2015 SHOE WISH LIST”