The Black And White Dinner Dress


I know it has been a while since I had an outfit post. I have been busy growing my writing skills at the newest fashion magazine called ZUMI Magazine. I am also working on a personal project that I will announce to you guys come January 2017.

How have you guys been? I hope all your dreams are coming true. I hope you are happy and that you have peace of mind.

This coming week is the American thanksgiving. I have been invited to a dinner and it is supposed to be a ball. Wow! I have never been to a ‘ball’ before. I am a little nervous and trying to get the right outfit is hard.  All in all, this black and white number could just be the one. Let me know what you think.

Fashion Blogger Kenya Reina

Fashion Blogger Kenya Reina

Fashion Blogger Kenya Reina

Fashion Blogger Kenya Reina

Fashion Blogger Kenya Reina

Sequined Dress from: Cyrah’s Fashion

Photography: Druv Shah

Makeup : House Of Awuor

Have a Lovely Weekend.
Love Reina

Hair Tips: What To Learn From A Wigs Addict In Kenya

My hair is kinky and takes ages to grow. Over the years, brands like Marini Naturals have created products that are meant to help women of color tackle this issue. Their products make African hair easier to maintain. Alicia Keys has the no makeup movement talking and Kenyan blogger, Sheila Ndinda always looks amazing with her perfectly styled natural hair. I have not joined the natural band wagon yet, but I am thinking of giving it a try.

I am adventurous when it comes to my hair and most times, I let my hair stylist decide what she wants to do with my hair. I have been her client for years and she knows what goes well with my personality. A few months every year, I get tired of braiding and weaving hair so I opt for  more relaxed and easy bad hair day fix, WIGS.

kenyan blogger reina wigs

Where to buy a good wig.

I have a few that are both human hair and fiber. For the human hair ones, I would recommend my friend, Gathoni Brown Kenya on Instagram. She sells amazing human hair wigs that are not only trendy but affordable as well. I would also recommend Unbeweavable Hair Kenya.

I recently discovered countless stores on the famous, River Road, that sell fiber wigs that are not of very good quality, but will do if you are on a budget. These can only take a few washes before thinning out and changing texture.

Wigs 101

How to clean your wig

Comb the wig before washing to untangle the fibers or hair. Then using warm water, wash it using your favorite shampoo and conditioner. Make sure your shampoo does not dry out the hair. My favorite is the Amla Legend Oil Refill Hair Wash, that is available at any Nakumatt supermarket , Best Lady or Beauty options store in Nairobi.Dry it out in a hair dryer or outside, under the shade. I find cleaning wigs very tedious so I sometimes take mine to my hairdresser. It costs me ksh 200 (2$) to get it cleaned  but it is money well spent.wigs kenyan blogger

And that is wig 101.  If you have any additional tips, kindly share with us on the comment section below. Thank you for stopping by.

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Makeup: House Of Awuor

Photography: Naito Designs.


Love, Reina.

I Am Proud To Be A Kenyan Citizen

Being a young African in a cosmopolitan city in Africa could be an amazing experience but also very difficult if you are just moving from a small town. Nairobi is growing exponentially every year. The population does not only consist of Kenyans but foreigners as well. We are constantly interacting with people of all walks of life who all have different upbringings, different cultures, religions and a different outlook on life. Sometimes, we opt to change who we are to fit in, some people change their accents or even their names. Change is inevitable but we could try holding on to the things that make us Kenyan, like our history. Continue reading “I Am Proud To Be A Kenyan Citizen”

Would You Chose A Green Ball Gown For Valentines?

Some people say valentine’s day is for desperate women, others say it is a day created by brands to drive sales while others go to the extreme of saying that it’s only day Kenyan men get to buy roses (I do not know how true this is). Continue reading “Would You Chose A Green Ball Gown For Valentines?”

A Look Inspired By Cookie Lyon Of TV Show, Empire!

Inspired By Cookie Lyon From TV Show Empire!

I have a good feeling about this month and not just because Adele’s new single Heloo, has just crushed the world record of most views in a week, but also because December is just around the corner. We all love the holidays. There is always so much to do and such little time left. And this is when we all rush to accomplish all those goals we had set for ourselves during the new year.

reina 4


This year, one of my biggest fashion inspirations has been from the character, Cookie Lyon from the popular TV show, Empire. Season one was mind blowing with looks that made me fall in love with cookie’s fashion sense and her dramatic flair. Episode after episode, I looked out for cookie’s outfits and she did not disappoint. Season two is out but I still think season one brought out the fashion sense in the series way better. One of my goals this year was to add some cookie spice to my look and honestly, I loved it.cookie Lyon inspired outfit


First thing you all need to know about Cookie Lyon’s wardrobe is that she is not afraid of color, prints and she owns a whole lot of hats. Choosing what look to go with was easy. I went with one of her favorite accessories, a colorful wide brim hat. I got this hat from the talented hat designer, Cloe Mitchell from Drop Of A Hat. She makes very high quality hats that would definitely be part of cookie’s glamorous collection.For the makeup, I went with a strong combination of light green and black eye shadow to give me a very serious look. This is my version of a power eye look. The kind that lets people know ‘you mean business’. I also went with a softer color on my lips to tone down the makeup.

reina2 2
Cookie Lyon Inspired outfit


I went with a purple body-con dress and a cap over it to give it a color blocked classic look. I really like the length of the dress. With this length, it can be reused for different occasions. Its neither too long nor too short. The mustard cape is perfect for the unpredictable Nairobi weather and makes me feel like a very fashionable superhero. The vintage cane was just there to stress my point, ‘ I am a tough cookie to break’ . 🙂

Cookie Lyon inspired look


Cookie also loves chunky neck pieces. This particular one caught my eye a few days before my shoot because of the mix of materials, patterns, its weight and the jewels on it. This is the perfect neck piece when going for a look like hers.


reina 6

I have always loved mixing different tones of the same color on the same look and I think came out well. Body con dresses always make me feel like I have an hour glass figure.This is a good hack for all slim women out there.

Reina Kimeu - Kenyan Fashion Blogger

And there we have it, ladies and gentlemen. My cookie Lyon inspired look. I had such a good time shooting this. I hope you liked it. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below.

Hat: Drop Of A Hat

Dress: Levush Clothing Store

Mustard Cape: Levush Clothing Store

Shoes, neckpiece, earings : Own

I would like to thank my team,

Make Up: House Of Awuor

Photography: El Photographia

Have an amazing November,

Reina Kimeu

A Maxi Dress A Day Keeps The Sun Shining

We all have those moments when we can be in control no more. When the world decides to take over and all you can do is take a step back and try and enjoy the ride. Well, Tuesday was one of those days for me and my team. I had planned to have a shoot that was meant to only take half a day and the weather has been unpredictable in Nairobi for the past couple of days. We got up early and according to our schedule, we were right on track when we left our meeting point at 9:30AM for Limuru. We had a smooth ride for most of the journey until the unexpected happened. A motorbike rider was trying to avoid potholes and pushed us off the road.

The car missed hitting an electricity pole by an inch and the car was stopped by a big ditch on the side of the road. We all got out safe and sound but my ever planning self was disappointed that we had to wait for hours for the rescue vehicle to come. On the positive side, my photographer of the day, El Photographia and Michelle Ongijo, my makeup artist got the time to talk and we actually came up with an amazing project that I will be sharing with you next month. Its true, everything happens for a reason.

After a few hours of sitting by the road, waiting, we finally got a car to take us to our shoot location and the rest of the day was fantastic. In the quest of perfect images, so many things could have gone wrong, but with the right company, so many things can also go right.

This is one of the looks we shot on that day.




Today, I am all about bold color, prints, pleats and length. I would describe this look as conservative, bold and chiq. The dress is made of chiffon and it felt amazing on my skin. The top is loose and has pearl detailing. The bottom has pleats on it making the colors and patterns look even more intriguing. The optical illusion created by the pleats keeps everyone intrigued, some even puzzled.




As a slim woman, its very hard for me to get away with wearing maxi dresses but this particular design doesn’t make me look ridiculous. It actually brings out my delicate and feminine side. I felt like a delicate flower and powerful woman at the same time.

IMG_3717-2This is the perfect dress to wear during a sunny weekend to a wedding, to an event or even on a lunch date with your family. Kissed by the sun is what you need to make your dull day bright.

Dress from : VB Collections

Shoes and Bag: Own

Photography: EL Photographia

Make Up by: House Of Awuor

Have an optimistic day.

Love Reina Kimeu.


Hi fashionistas. I hope you’ve been well. I have been super busy from the last time I wrote, I got invited to the Liz Ogumbo #musicmeetsfashion event at DUSIT 2, Nairobi. I have to say, this was one of the best events I have ever been to. Continue reading “TURN UP THE MUSIC”


Starting over is hard. It doesn’t matter how prepared you are for it, it still takes up a lot of energy and it may leave you confused and lost. Continue reading “MISSION GREY-POSSIBLE”