Cheap Hairstyle Alert! Curly Synthetic Weave

Awesome curly weaves do not have to be expensive at all!

I am a sucker for big hair and it is no secret. Big hairstyles have a way of giving me a confidence boost because there is nowhere to hide so the only thing to do is hold your head up and enjoy the attention. 🙂 I first discovered my love for big hair by mistake. 3 years ago, I bought the wrong weave and hated it at first and because I was on a budget, I just went with it and oh boy!

Weave Hairstyles Kenya - African Blogger
This was the first big hairstyle I ever tried. June 2016!

I ended up loving the color of the hair and how big it got. Some good things in life are stumbled upon and there is no denying that.

Weave Hairstyles Kenya - African Blogger

I totally love my Indian Human Hair but once in a while it is nice to spend a little money on hair so I end up buying Noble/Gold and Fashion Idol weaves that cost less than 10dollars.

I have gotten this hairstyle twice in 3 months and I would totally love to get it done again!
Weave Hairstyles Kenya
Weaves that cost less than 1,000Ksh
Do you love the look on me? Which other looks should I try?