Why I Stopped Hating Myself For Being Too Skinny

There is a common belief that skinny people have nothing to worry about because they do not have weight problems. They say skinny people have it easy for them because they do not have to struggle with watching their diet or finding clothing that fits right. I do not contest this at all, but there are times when being too skinny becomes a self esteem issue. I have found myself worried about my weight on countless occasions. Continue reading “Why I Stopped Hating Myself For Being Too Skinny”


This week,  all I want to talk about is collaborations. As a fashion bloggers and a creative I like to work with different people on my projects. I have always liked giving my work a different look now and then. On my blogging projects, I have worked with photographers like, Glorious Photography Pictures, Zul from Talaksi Photography, Neha and the images on this post are by Nesh Maina. Continue reading “THE KENYAN GLADIATOR”