I Am Proud To Be A Kenyan Citizen

Being a young African in a cosmopolitan city in Africa could be an amazing experience but also very difficult if you are just moving from a small town. Nairobi is growing exponentially every year. The population does not only consist of Kenyans but foreigners as well. We are constantly interacting with people of all walks of life who all have different upbringings, different cultures, religions and a different outlook on life. Sometimes, we opt to change who we are to fit in, some people change their accents or even their names. Change is inevitable but we could try holding on to the things that make us Kenyan, like our history. Continue reading “I Am Proud To Be A Kenyan Citizen”

Exploring Malawi During The Lake Of Stars Festival

I am back! I feel so relaxed and happy to have added MALAWI to the list of countries I have been to. I had mentioned that I will be going on a road trip from Nairobi, Kenya and go through Tanzania for the LAKE OF STARS FESTIVAL held annually in Mangochi, Malawi. I have to say, I have never been on a road trip that lasted more than 10 hours at a time. This was a new experience for me and I am so happy to share with you this experiences with you. Continue reading “Exploring Malawi During The Lake Of Stars Festival”