It’s my birthday week.Yei! This year I wanted to celebrate myself. I believe that we all need to do this often because the life we are living in is hard and we are in a never ending limbo. Spending time with family and friends is good but having time to yourself is even more important. We need to feed our souls with positive vibes and peaceful thoughts. I needed to relax so I got a facial from VLCC, Continue reading “THE BIRTHDAY PEPLUM”

Queens Of Africa – The Perfect Doll

Happy February! Have you ever been invited to a birthday party for a five year old girl and went round supermarkets and gift stores trying to find the perfect gift for them? Well, for me this task takes hours because I always try to be unique in the gifts I buy, (doesn’t everybody?). Nobody wants to be the 10th guest to bring a barbie doll or some pink headband that the birthday girl will never remember.Well, I have good news for you. Warning! This post contains too much cuteness!

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