OLAY Cleanser And Moisturizer Are Perfect For Oily Skin


I have never had fantastic skin. My skin is prone to breakouts and I have oily skin so any moisturizer and cleanser I use, need to suit my needs. The search for an amazing product started earlier this year but it is not until this month that I got the courage to change form my “St Ives” products and decided to  try out OLAY. I had heard so much about the products and I was hoping all that hype was not going lead me on to disappointments.

OLAY Kenyan Fashion Blogger Reina Kimeu
Source: FashionForensic Africa

I went to a few stores in town and every time I asked the sales lady questions about my  skin, they did not seem to convince me on the OLAY products they stocked. I finally decided to pass by Beauty Wholesale on Kimathi Street, Nairobi and met a fellow shopper on the section with the OLAY products. She swore by the products and she told me that she was over 40 and honestly, she did not look a day over 28. I think that was it for me, “Who does not want to look like her at that age?”. So I picked up the OLAY complete moisturizer and a cleanser that also doubled up as a toner.

OLAY Kenyan Fashion Blogger Reina Kimeu
Source: FashionForensicAfrica

The first time I used the cleanser and toner, I was surprised that there was no burn because the toners I have used prior were all harsh. This one was mild to the skin.  I use the cleanser/toner twice a day, applying generously using a cotton wool from my neck up. I needed a toner because my pores had been enlarged due to not cleansing properly or sleeping in my makeup. The 2 in 1 option also meant that I could spend less on the products.

OLAY Kenyan Fashion Blogger Reina Kimeu
Source: FashionForensicAfrica

When I first used the moisturizer, my skin became extremely oily. I could not wear powder and leave it on for more than three hours without a touch-up. I got a breakout because of that and it was a little worrying.  A few days of continued use, I started noticing that the oily feeling was gone and that my skin was softer and less irritated. The moisturizer sat well under makeup and it kept me moisturized for the whole day. This moisturizer also has SPF 15, which means that it protects from premature sun damage of the skin. I only use it in the morning on my face and neck.

They retail in Kenya for  OLAY 2in1 Cleanser & Toner about Ksh 1300 (cannot remember) and OLAY Complete Day Moisturizer Ksh 1650.


P:S This is not a sponsored post. I simply love OLAY products.

Which are your favorite cleansers and moisturizers?

I would love to hear from you.

Have a lovely week.

Reina Kimeu

Why We Went Natural: Two Kenyan Women Tell Their Natural Hair Stories

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Finally A Kiko Milano Makeup Product Review From Kenya

This year has been amazing for me. I have changed a lot in the past few months. I feel more confident, bolder, and able to take risks, I can express myself better and I see more business opportunities than I did before. This year, I finished my first level of French studies, I have gone to a different country and I have met amazing people whom I will forever be grateful for. It’s crazy but I am grateful for even the bad experiences and failures I have had. I feel grown up and more mature than I did when the year started. I am ready for the next step in my life.

As I take a new direction, I am trying out an Italian cosmetics, skincare and makeup brand called KIKO MILANO.

kiko milano Reina Kimeu
Kiko Milano lipstick and Eye Gel

The first thing I love about it, is its name “KIKO MILANO”. The name rolls of the tongue quite perfectly. The packaging is equally as appealing as the name. KIKO MILANO’s products are packaged in very simple yet sophisticated boxes. The products I have used so far are all very mild and of unbelievably high quality for their price. They have products for my skin tone. Black is beautiful 🙂

kiko milano Reina Kimeu
Kiko Milano Lipstick

The Kiko Milano lipsticks smell good and are long lasting. They come in a gold and silver casing which make sit look very classy. The metal also keeps the lipstick cool. This helps to avoid breaking or smudging when applying it after a long day of carrying it around in my handbag.

kiko milano Reina Kimeu
Kiko Milano Eye Gel

The eyeliner gel is an amazing invention. With this product, I will never need an eye pencil again. The gel is long lasting and it comes in a jar that can last you a year, ( if you are not a makeup artist). About the application, you will need a brush to apply it on your eyelid. It smudging before it dries so you need to wait for about 30 seconds for it to dry up. You need to try a few times before becoming an eye gel professional but at the end of it, you will be grateful. There is only one problem with this product. It is meant to be long lasting and hence at the end of the day,it gets hard to remove it. This is where the eye makeup remover comes into play.

kiko milano Reina Kimeu
Kiko Milano Brush Cleanser

Make Up brushes should be cleaned after every couple of days, if you are the only one using them. If you are sharing the brush, like makeup artists do, you need to be able to clean the brush after every use. Cleaning them with water and shampoo all the time, even on a job, is highly unlikely. You need a makeup cleanser to kill the bacteria and to remove the makeup from brushes. I have been using it on my brushes and I really like the results so far. I am happy to get this product because I get acne a lot and dirty makeup brushes makes my skin worse. this product is easy to use: Spray some brush cleanser onto the brush bristles and using a piece of cloth or tissue, wipe the brush. Do this a few times until the tissue is left clean. When this happens, your brush is clean and as good as new.

kiko milano Reina Kimeu
Kiko Milano Midnight Siren Bush

I have loved the midnight Siren , limited edition, powder brush from the moment I laid my eyes on it. I love how it looks, how amazing my face feels when I use it. The other mascara looking item, is a product for my eye lashes. Its supposed to lengthen them in a month. Has it worked? Well, I am still waiting but after a month, I will let you know on my eyelash growth process.

kiko milano Reina Kimeu
Kiko Milano Invisible powder, Mineral foundation and Mascara.

We finally get to the powders.  The white one is an invisible, anti-shine setting powder. A setting powder is used after makeup application to make it look more natural and to help the makeup stay perfectly done for longer. Its invisibility, makes it perfect for touch ups during the day. The brown powder is a soft focus mineral foundation. This helps the skin look smoother and blemish free. The powder is very fine and the jar comes with an applicator that has a handle. This makes application very easy and practical. Lastly, the mascara. I have tried it but I think it is my least favorite item of the KIKO MILANO lot. It adds volume to my eye lashes, but the mascara in the bottle dries out too fast and it leaves my eyelashes clamped and inter-twinned.

There we have it. My KIKO MILANO product review. I actually took the product’s images myself. I am hoping my photography next year, will be better. Have an amazing time.

Love, The wanna be photographer

Reina Kimeu


My sister is plus size and I know how hard it is for her to get stylish and trendy clothes in Nairobi because most retailers stock clothes for women of size 12 and below.If she is lucky, the ones that fit her are for older women and the styles are not impressive at all. As she was growing up she had a hard time loving her body and that lowered her self esteem.Over the years we tried talking to her and motivating her but its never worked.Now that she is 20 years old and in university, I decided to give it another try. I put together a few pictures of amazing outfits that I think would make her look hot, fashionable and make her stand out from the crowd.



I recently came across these group called The Four Horsemen who are the fitness gurus at of this generation. At 22,they have become an inspiration to their peers and have decided to use their love for exercise to help the community. I got really interested in their cause and decided to interview them just to give you the push you need to get that sexy tummy or sculpted abs .


I interviewed one of the members, Morris,who is a heart throb. He talks to us about fitness and introduces us to The Four Horse Men and the interview got very interesting.

Who are THE FOUR HORSEMEN and what do you do?

We are guys who share the same view on athletics and make it our goal to inspire people around us everyday to take body fitness seriously.

The Four Horsemen
four horse men
The four horsemen

Who are the members of The Four Horsemen?

Solomon Kiwanuka.At the age of  22,he is the lead horse man and has just completed his Undergraduate degree.SOLO is the brains behind The Four Horse Men. He has this innocent guy look and he keeps them focused and grounded.
John Bosco, 22 and a student.He is both a  fashion and fitness model. John is the all round and disciplined fitness fanatic.We call him Mr. fitness. There is not a sport he has not tried .He is always in the gym trying  to break a sweat.
Geff Kibara.He is 22 years old and  is a  part time model. Geff, the self proclaimed KING and has tried all sorts of sport.

 Morris Nonye Wambua, 22, full time fitness model and actor. “Playboy”. That is what they all call him.

How did you join?

MORRIS:It was brought together by Solomon. We are friends since high school  and when he told about it, I thought it was a worthy cause and I joined. H met Geff on Facebook ,then Geff reached out to John Bosco , his childhood friend and training buddy. That is how The Four  Horsemen came to be.

Why did you chose the name FOUR HORSEMEN?

It basically describes the strengths we got: passion, drive, strength, team work and  great physique, just like a Mustang horse.

What are you hoping to achieve?

We are hoping to inspire others. Helping others to see the importance of working out and maintaining an active lifestyle especially in this ‘Junk food generation’. For the ones already working out, we are hoping to show them how to take better care of their body’s and how to tone up.

What is the feedback so far?

The experience is amazing .The kind of feedback we have received in the past couple of months has been overwhelming and humbling. We have been getting a lot of followers on our new Facebook page and even getting people asking how they can join.

What is your fitness secret?
Watch your DIET ; eating healthy. Make sure your diet is full of organic foods. We chose to go the old fashioned way and have our weights training and workout regiments,which include a lot outdoor exercises. 
1476309_267017746781963_376761929_nWhats your daily fitness routine?
I eat a lot of  fruits .My diet consists of beans and white meat and a glass of milk.I go to the gym in the morning and in the evening, I work out for at least 30 minutes HIIT ( High Intensity Interval Training),drink a lot of water  and have loads of sleep.I go to the gym  at least twice a week.

524497_263220217161716_1332796550_nGive us a few fitness tips?

Watch what u eat. Not everything u see on the shelves is good for you. Do a lot of cardio exercises because it helps burn fat and to reduce your chances of getting heart and lung problems. If you do not have a gym near by, other options are jogging ,swimming or Zumba.

Do you love extreme sports?Which is your favorite?

I am a very simple guy but Solomon and  John Bosco are adrenaline junkies so they like to go to Sagana Rapids Camp for bungee jumping.

You can follow Morris Ndonye  on  Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/morisndonye

Follow The Four Horsemen on their page: click here