A Local Tourist Exploring Malindi : The Kenyan Coast

I had never been to Malindi before because of the grotesque stories I had heard from my friends who have been there. When the chance presented itself, I was very hesitant but curiosity got the best of me. My trip started with a short trip on board a flight by local airline, 540.

Due to the last minute booking, I could not get a seat on the Nairobi – Malindi flight so I opted for the Mombasa option. After landing at the Moi International Airport, I took a cab. My trip to the bus stop, ‘BUXTAN’, deserved 5 stars. My UBER driver, was very polite, funny and he even gave me the small girl in a big city talk,” Trust nobody and watch your bag.” Considering I was from an even bigger city, I honestly found Mombasa a walk in the park.

The drive to Malindi was scenic. We passed through one of my favorite towns, Kilifi. Kilifi holds a special place in my heart because of the fantastic week I spent there over the 2016/2017 New Year’s. We also went through Vipingo, which simply had breathtaking views. Next to the road were far reaching acres of land lined with sisal plantations that looked even better lit up by the setting sun. Two and a half hours later, I had arrived in the controversial Malindi Town.

Malindi Kenya Kenyan Blogger Travel
Fishermen off the Malindi coast

My first stop was Mario’s Bar, which is at the Nakumatt Malindi. It was at 5pm and the place was packed with people. This was definitely the place to be in the evenings. There was a burst of life as we walked through the small restaurant, looking for a table. Although the pizza and espresso was good, my overall experience there was terrible. The waitress was rude, the food took too long to be served, people stared a lot and allegedly most of the girls there are “working girls”. We went to the apartment, freshened up (changed from jeans to a playful peach dress and heels) and went out for dinner, hoping to have a better experience this time around.


Walking into the Baby Marrow, I felt a shift in my moods. The lighting and live music playing was set to give the restaurant a romantic feel. The art work chosen to give the walls character simply blew me away. I could already tell that I liked the place, even without sampling their food. The service was perfect and the food was worth the wait. The Baby Marrow Restaurant, should definitely be on  Malindi’s must visit list.

Malindi Kenyan Coast Beach Travel
Tanning (Like I need it! Ha! :-))

The next adventure involved a boat, some courage, good company and a healthy appetite. The day involved some snorkeling, swimming in the crisp clean waters of the Sardinia Island and enjoying the calm open waters. I loved the barbecued sea food platter that was made by the boat’s “captain” as we were swimming.  When he asked us back to the boat for lunch, I did not know what to expect. After eating at Ocean Basket in Nairobi, you tend to think you have had it all when it comes to sea food. The barbecue on an island did not just sound heavenly but sent my taste buds to heaven and back. Crab, prawns and fish have never tasted so good. After the filling lunch, we slowly drifted back to the mainland. We needed to rest before the crazy night we were about to have at White Elephant.

Mombasa Watamu Malindi Kenya
Beach Barbecue.. Yummy!

The party started off with a house party where my two sweethearts, Angie and Remy finally met after telling them about each other for so long. We later headed to White elephant where the DJ made a Nairobi girl’s night unforgettable. Having a group of female and male friends who are from different walks of life, meant that there was definitely some misunderstandings and some friction but we got through the emotional storm knowing and understanding each other better. Malindi was memorable not because of the beautiful beaches and amazing food but because of the fantastic people I spent time with.

Its good to be back!

Love , Reina.

The Black And White Dinner Dress


I know it has been a while since I had an outfit post. I have been busy growing my writing skills at the newest fashion magazine called ZUMI Magazine. I am also working on a personal project that I will announce to you guys come January 2017.

How have you guys been? I hope all your dreams are coming true. I hope you are happy and that you have peace of mind.

This coming week is the American thanksgiving. I have been invited to a dinner and it is supposed to be a ball. Wow! I have never been to a ‘ball’ before. I am a little nervous and trying to get the right outfit is hard.  All in all, this black and white number could just be the one. Let me know what you think.

Fashion Blogger Kenya Reina

Fashion Blogger Kenya Reina

Fashion Blogger Kenya Reina

Fashion Blogger Kenya Reina

Fashion Blogger Kenya Reina

Sequined Dress from: Cyrah’s Fashion

Photography: Druv Shah

Makeup : House Of Awuor

Have a Lovely Weekend.
Love Reina

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Hair Tips: What To Learn From A Wigs Addict In Kenya

My hair is kinky and takes ages to grow. Over the years, brands like Marini Naturals have created products that are meant to help women of color tackle this issue. Their products make African hair easier to maintain. Alicia Keys has the no makeup movement talking and Kenyan blogger, Sheila Ndinda always looks amazing with her perfectly styled natural hair. I have not joined the natural band wagon yet, but I am thinking of giving it a try.

I am adventurous when it comes to my hair and most times, I let my hair stylist decide what she wants to do with my hair. I have been her client for years and she knows what goes well with my personality. A few months every year, I get tired of braiding and weaving hair so I opt for  more relaxed and easy bad hair day fix, WIGS.

kenyan blogger reina wigs

Where to buy a good wig.

I have a few that are both human hair and fiber. For the human hair ones, I would recommend my friend, Gathoni Brown Kenya on Instagram. She sells amazing human hair wigs that are not only trendy but affordable as well. I would also recommend Unbeweavable Hair Kenya.

I recently discovered countless stores on the famous, River Road, that sell fiber wigs that are not of very good quality, but will do if you are on a budget. These can only take a few washes before thinning out and changing texture.

Wigs 101

How to clean your wig

Comb the wig before washing to untangle the fibers or hair. Then using warm water, wash it using your favorite shampoo and conditioner. Make sure your shampoo does not dry out the hair. My favorite is the Amla Legend Oil Refill Hair Wash, that is available at any Nakumatt supermarket , Best Lady or Beauty options store in Nairobi.Dry it out in a hair dryer or outside, under the shade. I find cleaning wigs very tedious so I sometimes take mine to my hairdresser. It costs me ksh 200 (2$) to get it cleaned  but it is money well spent.wigs kenyan blogger

And that is wig 101.  If you have any additional tips, kindly share with us on the comment section below. Thank you for stopping by.

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Makeup: House Of Awuor

Photography: Naito Designs.


Love, Reina.

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Zanzibar, Tanzania Is The Most Romantic Place In The World: Prison Island Edition


I went to Tanzania earlier this month. I have been to Tanzania before but this time, it felt different. I felt older and wiser. You know how that feels, right? I was able to make better packing, traveling and accommodation choices.

Kenyan Fashion Blogger Reina Kimeu (Fashion forensic Africa) ZANZIBAR
Source: (Fashion forensic Africa)

I love to travel and I would honestly travel all year round if I was lucky enough to get a job that allowed it.  A few years ago, I considered being a flight attendant but I backed out because of school. Oh well, that is another day’s story.  I was in Zanzibar for a few days and there is so much to write about. Today, we are all heading to Prison Island in Zanzibar, Tanzania.

We traveled from Zanzibar main Island on a boat called the Honey Moon (No pressure). It was so funny because the young man commandeering the boat was only 18 and he was so confident at sea. I remember saying to myself, if my dad was here, he would flip because he hates being in anything that moves over water. He is actually one of the many people I know who are scared of being on a boat. As we drifted away from Zanzibar, I thought about the place we were going to, why this place was special and if we were paying for a boring tour around an abandoned  prison.

Kenyan Fashion Blogger Reina Kimeu (Fashion forensic Africa)
Source: (Fashion forensic Africa)


When our boat docked a few meters from the beach, I couldn’t help but get exited because the island was beautiful. Our 18 year old boat owner, who was also our guide, took us to the Tortoise sanctuary. Who knew they could be that big? I had never interacted so closely with tortoises that were so big and that old. The oldest one was over 150 years old. Can you believe it?

Kenyan Fashion Blogger Reina Kimeu (Fashion forensic Africa)
Source: (Fashion forensic Africa)

Their skin was so rough and they like it when people massage their necks. These tortoises knew how to chill. They were never in a rush 🙂 Beach time all the time.

We then headed to the reason why the Island is called Prison Island. According to the guide, this was a quarantine area for the ill slaves being traded in Zanzibar. They were all brought here to get treatment before being sold to the Portuguese and Arabs . Zanzibar being one of the biggest trading points for the whole of east and central Africa, the number of slaves sold were in their thousands. This high numbers meant that diseases, like the plague, spread very fast. What I found out was that the famous prison Island was more of a hospital than a prison.

We had to rush  back to the boat because we had to go snorkeling. Prison Island is the best place to do this because the water is calmer and clearer. This was my first time ever in the middle of the ocean, floating right near the coral reef, curiously looking down into the water trying not to panic. It was really scary because I am not a good swimmer and having a life jacket on was not enough. After a few minutes of holding on tightly, I actually let go and enjoyed the view. What I saw when I looked into the water was beautiful; fish minding their own business, sea weed being see weed and me trusting the ocean to be calm just for a while. It felt quiet and so peaceful floating away. It was unbelievable.

Swimming with the fish

Thank you for taking time to visit my blog.

My next article will be about my Stone Town Adventure.

Have an Amazing Time.

 Reina Kimeu

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