Living Coral Is The Official Color In 2019 & We Are Here For It!

Color is everywhere around us. It’s in the sky and on the ground, on the birds flying around and the flowers growing all over the place. Color is one of the easiest ways to express emotion, Continue reading “Living Coral Is The Official Color In 2019 & We Are Here For It!”

Monday – Friday : Super Cool Office Looks

Happy Friday!

Every week, I challenge myself to different things; Continue reading “Monday – Friday : Super Cool Office Looks”

3 Awesome Pairs Of Shoes For Kenyan Women From Mr Price

Believe it or not! MR. Price has amazing shoes!

When it comes to buying flat shoes in Nairobi, there a few things you need to put into consideration: the quality, the style, and the price. Some Kenyan stores buy their shoes from China and label them as shoes from ASOS  or Forever 21 just to trick unknowing customers into buying. Mr. Price, on the other hand, has just rebranded and their ability to impress me with their new shoes really surprised me.

When a friend asked me to take her, I was a little reserved but after taking a look around,  it was totally worth it! I could not decide on the shoes to buy because there were very many nice ones. I ended up buying 3 pairs and after wearing them, I am sure that I made the right decision.

Here are the shoes I bought from MRP a.k.a Mr Price.
Grey gold buckled doll shoes. Ksh 1100.

Mr Price Kenya Shoes Buy Shoes Kenya Kenyan Blogger

2. Brown cut-out criss-cross  ballerina shoes. Ksh 1300

Mr Price Kenya Shoes Buy Shoes Kenya Kenyan Blogger

3. These mustard flats are simple, comfortable and totally beautiful!. Ksh 1300.

Mr Price Kenya Shoes Buy Shoes Kenya Kenyan Blogger

I totally love these pairs of shoes I got from Mr. Price. Which ones are your favorite? Mr Price Kenya Shoes Buy Shoes Kenya Kenyan Blogger

Lotsa Love!

Coconut Girl X Reina.


It is Good To Be Back! I Had Missed My Dresses And My #GirlSquad


I had missed you guys so much after taking a break from blogging. I have so much to tell you. Last month, me and my friends, Milly Adhiambo, Rehema Omar and Rosemary Kimani went to the Sir Jay’s Launch at the newly opened Diamond Plaza 2 which is a gorgeous building in Parklands, Nairobi. I had two events on the same night so I had to dash to the Micheal Joseph Centre for an hour and get back to the main event with my friends, (the perks of being a Kenyan fashion blogger and magazine content creator). It was so good to go to a fashion show after so long because my last one I went to was last year’s Tribal Chic that was the best Kenyan Fashion event I have ever gone to.

This is what I wore to the event. *I actually think I was overdressed but it is better being over dressed than under-dressed.*

Reina Kimeu Kenyan Blogger
Source: Kuyoh Photography
Reina Kimeu Kenyan Blogger
Source: Kuyoh Photography

Reina Kimeu Kenyan BloggerFrom left: Rosemary Kimani, Rehema Omar and on my right Milly Adhiambo

Reina Kimeu Kenyan Blogger
Source: Kuyoh Photography
Reina Kimeu Kenyan Blogger
Source: Kuyoh Photography

 Kuyoh Photography took these amazing pictures of us.

What would be your girl squad photo shoot theme? Rehema wanted us to get lingerie shots but I was too scared.

Diner En Blanc (Diner In White) : The 2nd Nairobi Edition

An all white dress affair in Nairobi!

The Diner En Blanc event is an annual event that happens in different cities around the world. Nairobi’s second edition happened last December and I attended the event for the first time ever. I was so nervous preparing for the event because the pictures from the previous edition were so gorgeous and I did not want to be the worst dressed person at the most exclusive event in Nairobi.

Kenyan Blogger Fashion Forensic Africa Diner En Blanc
Image Courtesy: Favier Photography

I enlisted the help of the best wedding gown designer in Kenya, Ogake Mosomi. I visited her studio a week to the event and she took me through the selection process. I felt as lucky as the many brides whose dream dresses had been designed in the chic Ogake Mosomi studio. The gown I chose was very unconventional and the head piece just added a glamorous touch to the look.

It rained heavily that night but is safe to say that it was a fantastic night. I cannot wait to attend the next edition.

This look was featured on Best Fashion Moments on Style Yetu and Janis Diary.

Dress and Headpiece by: Ogake Mosomi

Have a lovely weekend.

The Black And White Dinner Dress


I know it has been a while since I had an outfit post. I have been busy growing my writing skills at the newest fashion magazine called ZUMI Magazine. I am also working on a personal project that I will announce to you guys come January 2017.

How have you guys been? I hope all your dreams are coming true. I hope you are happy and that you have peace of mind.

This coming week is the American thanksgiving. I have been invited to a dinner and it is supposed to be a ball. Wow! I have never been to a ‘ball’ before. I am a little nervous and trying to get the right outfit is hard.  All in all, this black and white number could just be the one. Let me know what you think.

Fashion Blogger Kenya Reina

Fashion Blogger Kenya Reina

Fashion Blogger Kenya Reina

Fashion Blogger Kenya Reina

Fashion Blogger Kenya Reina

Sequined Dress from: Cyrah’s Fashion

Photography: Druv Shah

Makeup : House Of Awuor

Have a Lovely Weekend.
Love Reina

I Am Proud To Be A Kenyan Citizen

Being a young African in a cosmopolitan city in Africa could be an amazing experience but also very difficult if you are just moving from a small town. Nairobi is growing exponentially every year. The population does not only consist of Kenyans but foreigners as well. We are constantly interacting with people of all walks of life who all have different upbringings, different cultures, religions and a different outlook on life. Sometimes, we opt to change who we are to fit in, some people change their accents or even their names. Change is inevitable but we could try holding on to the things that make us Kenyan, like our history. Continue reading “I Am Proud To Be A Kenyan Citizen”

We Get To Hang Out With Hat Designer, Drop Of A Hat

Life is not all about sunny days and fun. Sometimes we have to do things that do not make us happy but at the end of the day we know that we did them with good intentions. I have recently started reading about different leaders and the different leadership styles they posses. It’s so interesting to finally see it on paper and in a very detailed way. I have worked with teams before and I have been a team leader knowingly and sometimes, unknowingly. Now that I have a guideline, it will much easier for me to define my leadership style and work on becoming a better leader. Last weekend, I managed a product shoot for one of my marketing clients and I realized that there is so much more to getting things done and getting along with the people in your team. I realized that I need to put my team’s needs and the projects need first.

I need to help my team achieve tasks without breathing over their shoulder trying to do their work for them. People work better in an environment that is warm, nurturing but professional at the same time. Nobody was born a leader. Every great leader was once clueless and timid but with time, due to their environment, people around them and experiences, they nurtured their leadership skills and became a better version of themselves. The kind of leader I am working to become is a charismatic leader who exudes enthusiasm, confidence, integrity, warmth and humility. I would also like to be a transformational leader who inspires the people I interact with to be more than they thought they could. So my readers, I wish you all the best in your redefining your leadership skills and becoming a better leader.

As I add a new feather to my leadership hat, I would like to show you a few hats by my favorite hat designer, Chloe Mitchell. Her design label is called, Drop Of A Hat. For my readers in Kenya, if you ever attended any high-end fashion event, you must have definitely seen her because her hats are hard to miss. Drop Of A hat’s pieces are hand-made and each piece is one of a kind. Chloe is also very warm and a generally happy person.

The white fascinator is my favorite of the set because the floral design looks very realistic. I also like the black detailing and the mesh cover up. Dear future husband, this is what I want to look like on our wedding day.This hat makes me feel amazing. It is definitely the “I am going to conquer the world head-piece.”

I hope you love these pieces as much as I do. I would like to feature other designers on my blog. If you know of any designer who would love to be featured on my blog, kindly send them a link to this article of simply ask them to email me .

Have a lovely week.

Photography: El Photographia

Make Up Artist: House Of Awuor

Hats: Drop Of A Hat


Reina Kimeu