Lime Crime Lipsticks Matte Sensation

I have always been curious about makeup and the variety available in the country were not that many a few years ago. Now with the rise of imported makeup, Continue reading “Lime Crime Lipsticks Matte Sensation”

Say Goodbye To Cracked Lips With EOS

The rainy season we are currently experiencing is not only bad for the hair and our moods but the cold that comes with it, is bad for our skin. One  of the most annoying things is that the lips tend to chap and crack. Moisturizing and using normal lip balms is not enough anymore. EOS lip balm Continue reading “Say Goodbye To Cracked Lips With EOS”

The Milani Liquid Color Lip Color Swatches

Choosing the right makeup for your skin type is very important. I have spent years experimenting with different makeup brands and different types of lip products. I have to say, over the years I thought that I will come down to a simple answer. The truth is, there is no specific makeup brand that is better than the rest. All you need is a good combination of products that work for you and that are safe to use. Continue reading “The Milani Liquid Color Lip Color Swatches”

My Perfume And Deodorant Favorites In 2016

Perfumes and deodorant are a very important part of our daily hygiene routine. We all have our different preferences when it comes to scents. Some people floral scents, spicy, fruity, earthy or even sweet. The scent we chose to wear is very important because we can tell a lot about someone’s personality from the scent they wear. Continue reading “My Perfume And Deodorant Favorites In 2016”

Finally A Kiko Milano Makeup Product Review From Kenya

This year has been amazing for me. I have changed a lot in the past few months. I feel more confident, bolder, and able to take risks, I can express myself better and I see more business opportunities than I did before. This year, I finished my first level of French studies, I have gone to a different country and I have met amazing people whom I will forever be grateful for. It’s crazy but I am grateful for even the bad experiences and failures I have had. I feel grown up and more mature than I did when the year started. I am ready for the next step in my life.

As I take a new direction, I am trying out an Italian cosmetics, skincare and makeup brand called KIKO MILANO.

kiko milano Reina Kimeu
Kiko Milano lipstick and Eye Gel

The first thing I love about it, is its name “KIKO MILANO”. The name rolls of the tongue quite perfectly. The packaging is equally as appealing as the name. KIKO MILANO’s products are packaged in very simple yet sophisticated boxes. The products I have used so far are all very mild and of unbelievably high quality for their price. They have products for my skin tone. Black is beautiful 🙂

kiko milano Reina Kimeu
Kiko Milano Lipstick

The Kiko Milano lipsticks smell good and are long lasting. They come in a gold and silver casing which make sit look very classy. The metal also keeps the lipstick cool. This helps to avoid breaking or smudging when applying it after a long day of carrying it around in my handbag.

kiko milano Reina Kimeu
Kiko Milano Eye Gel

The eyeliner gel is an amazing invention. With this product, I will never need an eye pencil again. The gel is long lasting and it comes in a jar that can last you a year, ( if you are not a makeup artist). About the application, you will need a brush to apply it on your eyelid. It smudging before it dries so you need to wait for about 30 seconds for it to dry up. You need to try a few times before becoming an eye gel professional but at the end of it, you will be grateful. There is only one problem with this product. It is meant to be long lasting and hence at the end of the day,it gets hard to remove it. This is where the eye makeup remover comes into play.

kiko milano Reina Kimeu
Kiko Milano Brush Cleanser

Make Up brushes should be cleaned after every couple of days, if you are the only one using them. If you are sharing the brush, like makeup artists do, you need to be able to clean the brush after every use. Cleaning them with water and shampoo all the time, even on a job, is highly unlikely. You need a makeup cleanser to kill the bacteria and to remove the makeup from brushes. I have been using it on my brushes and I really like the results so far. I am happy to get this product because I get acne a lot and dirty makeup brushes makes my skin worse. this product is easy to use: Spray some brush cleanser onto the brush bristles and using a piece of cloth or tissue, wipe the brush. Do this a few times until the tissue is left clean. When this happens, your brush is clean and as good as new.

kiko milano Reina Kimeu
Kiko Milano Midnight Siren Bush

I have loved the midnight Siren , limited edition, powder brush from the moment I laid my eyes on it. I love how it looks, how amazing my face feels when I use it. The other mascara looking item, is a product for my eye lashes. Its supposed to lengthen them in a month. Has it worked? Well, I am still waiting but after a month, I will let you know on my eyelash growth process.

kiko milano Reina Kimeu
Kiko Milano Invisible powder, Mineral foundation and Mascara.

We finally get to the powders.  The white one is an invisible, anti-shine setting powder. A setting powder is used after makeup application to make it look more natural and to help the makeup stay perfectly done for longer. Its invisibility, makes it perfect for touch ups during the day. The brown powder is a soft focus mineral foundation. This helps the skin look smoother and blemish free. The powder is very fine and the jar comes with an applicator that has a handle. This makes application very easy and practical. Lastly, the mascara. I have tried it but I think it is my least favorite item of the KIKO MILANO lot. It adds volume to my eye lashes, but the mascara in the bottle dries out too fast and it leaves my eyelashes clamped and inter-twinned.

There we have it. My KIKO MILANO product review. I actually took the product’s images myself. I am hoping my photography next year, will be better. Have an amazing time.

Love, The wanna be photographer

Reina Kimeu

The Giveaway With Palladio Cosmetics In Kenya

Good Morning. I know this post is one day late and I have so much to tell you. Today is a good day for both you and me. I have partnered with Palladio Cosmetics which is amazing. Their products are herbal and the ingredients used in Palladio products are antioxidants such as Ginseng, Green Tea, Gingko Biloba, Vitamin E and natural humectants and skin soothers such as Aloe Vera and Chamomile. Palladio is beautiful and beneficial.  This makes the products perfect for users with sensitive skin.

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