Cheap Hairstyle Alert! Curly Synthetic Weave

Awesome curly weaves do not have to be expensive at all!

I am a sucker for big hair and it is no secret. Big hairstyles have a way of giving me a confidence boost because there is nowhere to hide so the only thing to do is hold your head up and enjoy the attention. šŸ™‚ I first discovered my love for big hair by mistake. 3 years ago, I bought the wrong weave and hated it at first and because I was on a budget, I just went with it and oh boy!

Weave Hairstyles Kenya - African Blogger
This was the first big hairstyle I ever tried. June 2016!

I ended up loving the color of the hair and how big it got. Some good things in life are stumbled upon and there is no denying that.

Weave Hairstyles Kenya - African Blogger

I totally love my Indian Human Hair but once in a while it is nice to spend a little money on hair so I end up buying Noble/Gold and Fashion Idol weaves that cost less than 10dollars.

I have gotten this hairstyle twice in 3 months and I would totally love to get it done again!
Weave Hairstyles Kenya
Weaves that cost less than 1,000Ksh
Do you love the look on me? Which other looks should I try?

Let’s Talk About Indian Human Hair!

Let’s talk about human hair!

I have had a hard natural hair journey because my hair grows at a very slow rate. It could be because of genetics or diet or the fact that I do not take care of my natural hair as well as most naturalistas do. Last year, I learned how to style and love my natural hair but this year is all about protective hairstyles.

I have been loving big hairstyles for months now but in May, I felt that I needed a change. When Human Hair Company, Hair Shopee reached out to collaborate, I decided to try out a straight hairstyle. They sent me two bundles of straight human hair bundles and a closure.

The hair arrived in a few days but it took some time for me to get the hair done and I wanted to actually wear the hair for a while before writing the review.

Human Hair Kenya - Hair Shopee
Human Hair Kenya – Hair Shopee

I got two 20 inch bundles and a closure from Hair Shopee but had to add an old one as well because two bundles were not enough. My hairdresser adviced that she should add the old human hair pieces at the back so that they are covered by the new hair.

Human Hair Kenya - Hair Shopee
Human Hair Kenya – Hair Shopee

Right off the bat, the hair was so light and soft. A few days after getting my hair done, I started getting itchy but it could be because of the hair oil they used on my scalp or the fact that I wore the hair without washing it first. Regardless of the itching, I got so many compliments.

Human Hair Kenya - Hair Shopee
Human Hair Kenya – Hair Shopee
After washing.Ā 

I decided to wash my hair after a week to try and calm my scalp and it worked! I washed the hair with a mint based shampoo and applied the Marini Naturals Leave-In Conditioner to soften the human hair even more. I combed it gently with a wide tooth comb and there was shedding because of the additional piece that I had to use. The shedding was expected because the quality of the extra human hair piece was lower than Hair Shopee’s. After air dried it, I flat ironed it with the help of a friend and voila! It had amazing volume, it did not itch at all and it looked amazing.

Human Hair Kenya - Hair Shopee
Human Hair Kenya – Hair Shopee

All in all, I love the hair and cannot wait to test out their curly weaves and wigs.

You can buy their weaves and get them delivered to you wherever you are around the world. Here is a link to their website.

Hair Done By : Maria, Pink Chocolate Salon, Shopping Arcade next to Green House Mall.Ā 

My Modelling Paid Off! I Did An Ad With Hair Brand – Darling Kenya!

I have always wanted to be in a hair AD! Only because flipping my hair looked so cool in my mind!

This year started with a lot of uncertainty as to what I would do with the rest of the year but now that the year is almost halfway done, I am confident that this will be an amazing year! There have been moments when I have wanted to give up on modelingĀ completely and then a job like this comes my way and I decide to hold on one more time.

Darling Kenya AD Modelling
Photography By Kuyoh Photography and Makeup By Njanja

Having a hobby like this could be demoralizing and there are times when you want to give up especially becauseĀ models are not usually well renumerated. When I started modeling, I always went for countless auditions, spent so much money on clothes, shoes and salon visits just to never get a call back from any of agencies I spent hours auditioning for.Ā  I started modeling at the age of 20 so you can imagine how many auditions I have been over the year (Please don’t ask me my age! :-)Spending countless hours on lines waiting for my turn was the only consistent thing in my life!

But you know what? All that perseveranceĀ paid off! I was taught resilience and all that prepared me something bigger! Before the Darling Kenya AD, I did one for BET Boss that was everywhere! (I will tell you all about the crazy way I go the jobĀ  and my experience on my next blog)

That was an amazingĀ experience for me because I have always wanted to be on a darling commercial! Did you happen to see this commercial? Let me know in the comment section below!

Until next time!

TheĀ Coconut Girl! X Reina

Hair Tips: What To Learn From A Wigs Addict In Kenya

My hair is kinky and takes ages to grow. Over the years, brands like Marini Naturals have created products that are meant to help women of color tackle this issue. Their products make African hair easier to maintain. Alicia Keys has the no makeup movement talking and Kenyan blogger, Sheila Ndinda always looks amazing with her perfectly styled natural hair. I have not joined the natural band wagon yet, but I am thinking of giving it a try.

I am adventurous when it comes to my hair and most times, I let my hair stylist decide what she wants to do with my hair. I have been her client for years and she knows what goes well with my personality. A few months every year, I get tired of braiding and weaving hair so I opt forĀ  more relaxed and easy bad hair day fix, WIGS.

kenyan blogger reina wigs

Where to buy a good wig.

I have a few that are both human hair and fiber. For the human hair ones, I would recommend my friend, Gathoni Brown Kenya on Instagram. She sells amazing human hair wigs that are not only trendy but affordable as well. I would also recommendĀ Unbeweavable Hair Kenya.

I recently discovered countless stores on the famous, River Road, that sell fiber wigs that are not of very good quality, but will do if you are on a budget. These can only take a few washes before thinning out and changing texture.

Wigs 101

How to clean your wig

Comb the wig before washing to untangle the fibers or hair. Then using warm water, wash it using your favorite shampoo and conditioner. Make sure your shampoo does not dry out the hair. My favorite is the Amla Legend Oil Refill Hair Wash, that is available at any Nakumatt supermarket , Best Lady or Beauty options store in Nairobi.Dry it out in a hair dryer or outside, under the shade. I find cleaning wigs very tedious so I sometimes take mine to my hairdresser. It costs me ksh 200 (2$) to get it cleanedĀ  but it is money well spent.wigs kenyan blogger

And that is wig 101.Ā  If you have any additional tips, kindly share with us on the comment section below. Thank you for stopping by.

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Makeup: House Of Awuor

Photography: Naito Designs.


Love, Reina.

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The Big Kinky Hairstyle Everyone In Nairobi Is Rocking

I have always loved big hair.Ā  Many people shy away from hair styles like these because of the nature of their jobs, the fact that they love simplicity and most times, the reason is that they are scared.Ā  They are often afraid that they will not look like the model on the package. All these are viable reasons. I also usually have a lot of doubts on my mind as my hair stylist tries to make me try something new. Every woman is scared of looking like a mess but the only way to find out is to try. My hair stylist has done my hair for three years now and I trust her judgement so I went with it and I actually love the end product.DSCN6540This hair makes me feel amazing. It’s light, bouncy and has the 80’s vibe. Some people actually think its my own hair. How can anyone be so blind? But hey! I am not complaining.Ā  Not everyone likes my big hair. I went to a children’s home with a few friends and everything was going smoothly until we walked into the 1 year and below dormitory. One of the adorable babies saw my hair and started crying and then all of them followed. It was so funny. šŸ™‚ I am guessing they thought they had seen a ghost.

WARNING: If you work around babies, stay away from this hairstyle. šŸ™‚DSCN6542Things to remember when getting an Afro inspired look:

  • Oil your scalp as often as possible. I use olive oilĀ  twice a week to sooth my scalp.
  • Spray the hair daily to give it a good shine
  • Use a large shower cap to keep water away when taking a shower and hence preventing tangling.
  • Trim the ends once every week. Use a pair of scissors and make the cut with the scissors facing down a few inches at a time. Trimming your hair straight gives it a very unappealing look.

DSCN6544I hope this article inspired you to try a big hairstyle of your choice. If you love have a big hair do or are planning on going wild anytime soon, kindly leave a comment below and help inspire other women to join the #bighair movement.

Happy Jamhuri Day.

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