Eating Out: My Favourite Foods From Restaurants In Nairobi

Eating out is expensive but so much fun as well!

I love to eat out in Nairobi and sometimes I tend to blame the traffic because I end up walking into restaurants near the office to wait for the traffic to die down. I also blame my love for amazing food because who doesn’t love sweet smelling aromas, well-presented food, and amazing ambiance to get their evening going?

These are my favorite foods from restaurants in Nairobi.
Art Caffe – Green Salad.

This salad is life! As I am writing this, I just had this exact salad. The beauty about it is the sweetness from beetroots, raisins and yes, small pieces of lemon! This just makes my mouth tingle with excitement.

Eating Out Beat Restaurants Nairobi Art Caffe Kenya
Source: Trip Advisor
Ocean Basket – Sushi.

Oh, my! Anyone who knows me knows about my love for Ocean Basket. When they started, I used to go there twice a week with the lovely man I was dating and the waiters always remembered us and even remembered our orders. The fact that their customer service was magical, kept me coming back! I recently took my mum for Sushi but being an African woman, raw fish was not something she was willing to try out!

Eating Out Beat Restaurants Nairobi Ocean Basket Kenya
Source: Yummy
Nyama  Mama – Smokehouse Burger.

My favorite Wednesday spot! I used to have evening classes for the past year and after school, I loved passing by Nyama Mama wetlands for the drinks and the amazing smokehouse burger. The band’s soothing music was also a plus for me. My favorite spot is always at the bar( that’s where all the magic happens).

Nyama Mama Eating Out Best Restaurants Nairobi Kenya
Source: Yummy
Alchemist – Diavola Pizza.

I only just discovered the pizzas at Alchemist and I am in love! The diavola pizza is one of my friend’s favorite pizza because it is simple and one of the most authentic Italian pizzas. I love how the pizzas are made, the size is perfect to share with a friend and the ingredients they use are said to be from Italy just to make it authentic!

Eating Out Beat Restaurants Nairobi Diavolla pizzeria Zumi Kenya
Source: DiavollaPizzeria
Which are your favorite restaurants? Here are the tips to help you plan your trip to Dar es Salaam.

My Modelling Paid Off! I Did An Ad With Hair Brand – Darling Kenya!

I have always wanted to be in a hair AD! Only because flipping my hair looked so cool in my mind!

This year started with a lot of uncertainty as to what I would do with the rest of the year but now that the year is almost halfway done, I am confident that this will be an amazing year! There have been moments when I have wanted to give up on modeling completely and then a job like this comes my way and I decide to hold on one more time.

Darling Kenya AD Modelling
Photography By Kuyoh Photography and Makeup By Njanja

Having a hobby like this could be demoralizing and there are times when you want to give up especially because models are not usually well renumerated. When I started modeling, I always went for countless auditions, spent so much money on clothes, shoes and salon visits just to never get a call back from any of agencies I spent hours auditioning for.  I started modeling at the age of 20 so you can imagine how many auditions I have been over the year (Please don’t ask me my age! :-)Spending countless hours on lines waiting for my turn was the only consistent thing in my life!

But you know what? All that perseverance paid off! I was taught resilience and all that prepared me something bigger! Before the Darling Kenya AD, I did one for BET Boss that was everywhere! (I will tell you all about the crazy way I go the job  and my experience on my next blog)

That was an amazing experience for me because I have always wanted to be on a darling commercial! Did you happen to see this commercial? Let me know in the comment section below!

Until next time!

The Coconut Girl! X Reina

A Kenyan Girl Getting Back On Her Blogging Feet!

Blogging again took a lot of courage but I finally did it!

Hi Guys! Thank you so much for the continued support! I have been MIA from my blog for a while now but I am happy to say that I am officially back for good! I have been crafting my writing skills and content creation skills in general  Continue reading “A Kenyan Girl Getting Back On Her Blogging Feet!”

Planning To Travel To Tanzania? These Are The Top 4 Restaurants In Dar Es Salaam

I want to go back to Dar, Tanzania 🙂

Dar Salaam was amazing to me last year. I was so relaxed when I visited because I had very little going on in my life and all that I needed to do is relax and enjoy the breeze. The one thing I loved about the place was the fresh sea food but on the flip side, the traffic situation is a mess. Being Kenyan, I should not complain about the traffic but I have to tell you guys, the  foleni is worse than  what we experience Nairobi. When traveling to Dar from Nairobi, you can book a flight via Kenya Airways or Precision Air or take  Dar Express or Dar Lux buses that cost about 3,000KSh one way.

I had a fantastic experience dining in all these places.


I am addicted to calamari and that is usually the first thing I always ask for when I go to sea food restaurants. I have been looking for the best calamari around and I think I finally found it in Diani, but thats another day’s story. I loved the calamari at the Karambezi and the ambience. It was quite romantic.

Travel Dar Esallam Tanzania Africa Kenyan Blogger

News Caffe.

I have a friend who insisted on taking me to the News Caffe in Dar because unlike the Kenyan branches, this one had the best poached egg in the continent. He drummed it up so much, I would be a fool not to experience the best breakfast in Africa. As much as I would have liked top burst his bubble I had to agree with him, the food was amazing.

Travel Dar Esallam Tanzania Africa Kenyan Blogger

The Cape Town Fish Market.

Being very high on the must visit places on trip advisor, I had to eat at the Cape Town fish market. The weather was perfect when I was there and to my surprise, there were men in suits having lunch (seriously? Who wears suits at the Coast?) Anyway, I was asked for sushi and I was a little disappointed. Everyone else loved their meal but I guess I kept comparing it to my favorite restaurant in Kenya, Ocean Basket- Oval Branch.

Travel Dar Esallam Tanzania Africa Kenyan Blogger

I dont remember the name of the restaurant but it was in Oyster Bay.

I was so full from my buffet breakfast to have anything substantial here so In asked for a fruit salad and enjoyed some good company and the view that was totally epic.

Travel Dar Esallam Tanzania Africa Kenyan Blogger
I really want to travel to Santorini, Greece with my friend Rehema and also go to Namibia. Which is your ultimate beach vacation spot?

It is Good To Be Back! I Had Missed My Dresses And My #GirlSquad


I had missed you guys so much after taking a break from blogging. I have so much to tell you. Last month, me and my friends, Milly Adhiambo, Rehema Omar and Rosemary Kimani went to the Sir Jay’s Launch at the newly opened Diamond Plaza 2 which is a gorgeous building in Parklands, Nairobi. I had two events on the same night so I had to dash to the Micheal Joseph Centre for an hour and get back to the main event with my friends, (the perks of being a Kenyan fashion blogger and magazine content creator). It was so good to go to a fashion show after so long because my last one I went to was last year’s Tribal Chic that was the best Kenyan Fashion event I have ever gone to.

This is what I wore to the event. *I actually think I was overdressed but it is better being over dressed than under-dressed.*

Reina Kimeu Kenyan Blogger
Source: Kuyoh Photography
Reina Kimeu Kenyan Blogger
Source: Kuyoh Photography

Reina Kimeu Kenyan BloggerFrom left: Rosemary Kimani, Rehema Omar and on my right Milly Adhiambo

Reina Kimeu Kenyan Blogger
Source: Kuyoh Photography
Reina Kimeu Kenyan Blogger
Source: Kuyoh Photography

 Kuyoh Photography took these amazing pictures of us.

What would be your girl squad photo shoot theme? Rehema wanted us to get lingerie shots but I was too scared.

Diner En Blanc (Diner In White) : The 2nd Nairobi Edition

An all white dress affair in Nairobi!

The Diner En Blanc event is an annual event that happens in different cities around the world. Nairobi’s second edition happened last December and I attended the event for the first time ever. I was so nervous preparing for the event because the pictures from the previous edition were so gorgeous and I did not want to be the worst dressed person at the most exclusive event in Nairobi.

Kenyan Blogger Fashion Forensic Africa Diner En Blanc
Image Courtesy: Favier Photography

I enlisted the help of the best wedding gown designer in Kenya, Ogake Mosomi. I visited her studio a week to the event and she took me through the selection process. I felt as lucky as the many brides whose dream dresses had been designed in the chic Ogake Mosomi studio. The gown I chose was very unconventional and the head piece just added a glamorous touch to the look.

It rained heavily that night but is safe to say that it was a fantastic night. I cannot wait to attend the next edition.

This look was featured on Best Fashion Moments on Style Yetu and Janis Diary.

Dress and Headpiece by: Ogake Mosomi

Have a lovely weekend.

Currently Reading: Novels By James Patterson & Tasmina Perry

What we learn with pleasure, we never forget – Alfred Marcier

I have always been a season book reader but in the past year, I have taken up reading again. I had a kindle that stopped working and hopefully , I will be able to fix it soon. In the time being, old fashioned  flipping of pages will have to satisfy my thirst for a good story.

James Patterson Tasmina Perry Fashion Forensic Africa Kenyan Blogger

Reading is also meant to help me become a better writer. I am now a content creator for Zumi Magazine ; writing about lifestyle, fashion, hair and beauty. As much as all these topics are fairly easy to write about, I still need to grow as a writer and one of the ways to grow is the by learning and a lot practice.

Fashion Forensic Africa James Patterson

I just finished reading the thrilling 3d Degree book by James Patterson which is based on his all female main characters known as ‘Women’s Murder Club.’ This is a story that takes you into the lives of best friends who would do anything for each other. Their dynamic friendship is enviable to everyone who yearns for a group of non judging , supportive and caring girlfriends. An investigation is underway and we get to tag along one of the most interesting investigations.

tasmina Perry Fashion Forensic Africa Kenyan Blogger

I have not had the pleasure of reading any of Tasmina Perry’s books. I saw this one on the shelves of my local Naivas supermarket and decided to give it a go. I have not gotten around to reading the promising story of a family fighting over an inheritance but it does seem interesting.

What books are you currently reading?

OLAY Cleanser And Moisturizer Are Perfect For Oily Skin


I have never had fantastic skin. My skin is prone to breakouts and I have oily skin so any moisturizer and cleanser I use, need to suit my needs. The search for an amazing product started earlier this year but it is not until this month that I got the courage to change form my “St Ives” products and decided to  try out OLAY. I had heard so much about the products and I was hoping all that hype was not going lead me on to disappointments.

OLAY Kenyan Fashion Blogger Reina Kimeu
Source: FashionForensic Africa

I went to a few stores in town and every time I asked the sales lady questions about my  skin, they did not seem to convince me on the OLAY products they stocked. I finally decided to pass by Beauty Wholesale on Kimathi Street, Nairobi and met a fellow shopper on the section with the OLAY products. She swore by the products and she told me that she was over 40 and honestly, she did not look a day over 28. I think that was it for me, “Who does not want to look like her at that age?”. So I picked up the OLAY complete moisturizer and a cleanser that also doubled up as a toner.

OLAY Kenyan Fashion Blogger Reina Kimeu
Source: FashionForensicAfrica

The first time I used the cleanser and toner, I was surprised that there was no burn because the toners I have used prior were all harsh. This one was mild to the skin.  I use the cleanser/toner twice a day, applying generously using a cotton wool from my neck up. I needed a toner because my pores had been enlarged due to not cleansing properly or sleeping in my makeup. The 2 in 1 option also meant that I could spend less on the products.

OLAY Kenyan Fashion Blogger Reina Kimeu
Source: FashionForensicAfrica

When I first used the moisturizer, my skin became extremely oily. I could not wear powder and leave it on for more than three hours without a touch-up. I got a breakout because of that and it was a little worrying.  A few days of continued use, I started noticing that the oily feeling was gone and that my skin was softer and less irritated. The moisturizer sat well under makeup and it kept me moisturized for the whole day. This moisturizer also has SPF 15, which means that it protects from premature sun damage of the skin. I only use it in the morning on my face and neck.

They retail in Kenya for  OLAY 2in1 Cleanser & Toner about Ksh 1300 (cannot remember) and OLAY Complete Day Moisturizer Ksh 1650.


P:S This is not a sponsored post. I simply love OLAY products.

Which are your favorite cleansers and moisturizers?

I would love to hear from you.

Have a lovely week.

Reina Kimeu