Cheap Hairstyle Alert! Curly Synthetic Weave

Awesome curly weaves do not have to be expensive at all!

I am a sucker for big hair and it is no secret. Big hairstyles have a way of giving me a confidence boost because there is nowhere to hide so the only thing to do is hold your head up and enjoy the attention. 🙂 I first discovered my love for big hair by mistake. 3 years ago, I bought the wrong weave and hated it at first and because I was on a budget, I just went with it and oh boy!

Weave Hairstyles Kenya - African Blogger
This was the first big hairstyle I ever tried. June 2016!

I ended up loving the color of the hair and how big it got. Some good things in life are stumbled upon and there is no denying that.

Weave Hairstyles Kenya - African Blogger

I totally love my Indian Human Hair but once in a while it is nice to spend a little money on hair so I end up buying Noble/Gold and Fashion Idol weaves that cost less than 10dollars.

I have gotten this hairstyle twice in 3 months and I would totally love to get it done again!
Weave Hairstyles Kenya
Weaves that cost less than 1,000Ksh
Do you love the look on me? Which other looks should I try?

Let’s Talk About Indian Human Hair!

Let’s talk about human hair!

I have had a hard natural hair journey because my hair grows at a very slow rate. It could be because of genetics or diet or the fact that I do not take care of my natural hair as well as most naturalistas do. Last year, I learned how to style and love my natural hair but this year is all about protective hairstyles.

I have been loving big hairstyles for months now but in May, I felt that I needed a change. When Human Hair Company, Hair Shopee reached out to collaborate, I decided to try out a straight hairstyle. They sent me two bundles of straight human hair bundles and a closure.

The hair arrived in a few days but it took some time for me to get the hair done and I wanted to actually wear the hair for a while before writing the review.

Human Hair Kenya - Hair Shopee
Human Hair Kenya – Hair Shopee

I got two 20 inch bundles and a closure from Hair Shopee but had to add an old one as well because two bundles were not enough. My hairdresser adviced that she should add the old human hair pieces at the back so that they are covered by the new hair.

Human Hair Kenya - Hair Shopee
Human Hair Kenya – Hair Shopee

Right off the bat, the hair was so light and soft. A few days after getting my hair done, I started getting itchy but it could be because of the hair oil they used on my scalp or the fact that I wore the hair without washing it first. Regardless of the itching, I got so many compliments.

Human Hair Kenya - Hair Shopee
Human Hair Kenya – Hair Shopee
After washing. 

I decided to wash my hair after a week to try and calm my scalp and it worked! I washed the hair with a mint based shampoo and applied the Marini Naturals Leave-In Conditioner to soften the human hair even more. I combed it gently with a wide tooth comb and there was shedding because of the additional piece that I had to use. The shedding was expected because the quality of the extra human hair piece was lower than Hair Shopee’s. After air dried it, I flat ironed it with the help of a friend and voila! It had amazing volume, it did not itch at all and it looked amazing.

Human Hair Kenya - Hair Shopee
Human Hair Kenya – Hair Shopee

All in all, I love the hair and cannot wait to test out their curly weaves and wigs.

You can buy their weaves and get them delivered to you wherever you are around the world. Here is a link to their website.

Hair Done By : Maria, Pink Chocolate Salon, Shopping Arcade next to Green House Mall. 

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Travelling To Bologna, Italy

Travelling to Bologna Italy was a blast.

I have Italian friends in Nairobi and every time they talked about Italy, I felt like I really needed to see for myself what all the fuss was. I traveled to Paris last month for a couple of days and also had the opportunity to travel to Italy, how lucky! Read all about Paris.

Train From Paris France - Bologna Italy
Train From Paris France – Bologna Italy

I took a train from Gare Du Lyon in Paris at 6pm. The train was an overnight train so it came with bunk beds that were oddly comfortable. I shared my cabin with an adorable family from Mexico. I was traveling alone so I spent most of the trip dead asleep. When I woke up, we were in Milan, I did not leave the train station because I needed to connect trains to Bologna. As I was trying to organize my luggage, I realized that there was something different about the passengers heading to Bologna. Most of the passengers were fashionable and super chic. That’s when it finally hit me that I was in Italy for sure.

I was attending the biggest beauty expo in the world for my beauty business so I checked into the UNA Hotel and went straight to the EXPO by 8:30AM.

Cosmoprof Bologna
Cosmoprof Bologna

The experience was totally worth it.

I saw amazing brands, products, packages, and manufacturers who inspired me to start my own brand. I will be updating you on that by the end of the year.

Cosmoprof Bologna

When I was not busy having meetings at Cosmoprof, I had time to explore restaurants.

And the main square.

Bologna was generally a calm city with really nice people. I extended my stay by one night and stayed at an Airbnb which was small and cozy and for the last minute booking, I did not have anything to complain about.

I also tried shopping from the H&M there but the styles were not really my style.

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Two Days In Paris – Unexpected Travels

Happy New Day,

I have always wanted to go to France and I finally did it!  I went to Paris for a couple of days and it was not what I expected. The rain was crazy and for me, weather plays a major role when it comes to my vacation enjoyment. Being from Kenya, a country whose temperatures are about 30 degrees Celsius all year round, Paris was challenging for me.

Paris - Reina Kimeu - Kenyan Travel Blogger
Paris In The Rain

I couldn’t do much because it was raining but I hanged out at the super social Les Piaules and made some new friends, most of whom could not speak English but google translate came through for us.

Paris - Reina Kimeu - Kenyan Blogger

Regardless of the rain, I walked around, got to see the Republique square. On my way back, I got lost and went round and round for 2hours. Yes, can you imagine getting lost on your own in a new country where you cannot speak the language?

Paris - Reina Kimeu - Kenyan Blogger
Paris In The Rain

I asked about 10 different people but all they did was confuse me even more. I have almost given up when I saw a burger king, a familiar brand. So to get some food and heat, I decided to eat there little did I know that I had discovered a gold mine. The burger king burger was the best one I have ever tasted. My mind was blown and for a minute, I forgot that I was lost and simmered in the Burger King delight.

Paris - Reina Kimeu - Kenyan Blogger
Paris In The Rain

The airline I used was Emirates and I found their staff very polite and helpful. I will definitely go to Paris for a longer time next time. What places should I visit next?

3 Awesome Pairs Of Shoes For Kenyan Women From Mr Price

Believe it or not! MR. Price has amazing shoes!

When it comes to buying flat shoes in Nairobi, there a few things you need to put into consideration: the quality, the style, and the price. Some Kenyan stores buy their shoes from China and label them as shoes from ASOS  or Forever 21 just to trick unknowing customers into buying. Mr. Price, on the other hand, has just rebranded and their ability to impress me with their new shoes really surprised me.

When a friend asked me to take her, I was a little reserved but after taking a look around,  it was totally worth it! I could not decide on the shoes to buy because there were very many nice ones. I ended up buying 3 pairs and after wearing them, I am sure that I made the right decision.

Here are the shoes I bought from MRP a.k.a Mr Price.
Grey gold buckled doll shoes. Ksh 1100.

Mr Price Kenya Shoes Buy Shoes Kenya Kenyan Blogger

2. Brown cut-out criss-cross  ballerina shoes. Ksh 1300

Mr Price Kenya Shoes Buy Shoes Kenya Kenyan Blogger

3. These mustard flats are simple, comfortable and totally beautiful!. Ksh 1300.

Mr Price Kenya Shoes Buy Shoes Kenya Kenyan Blogger

I totally love these pairs of shoes I got from Mr. Price. Which ones are your favorite? Mr Price Kenya Shoes Buy Shoes Kenya Kenyan Blogger

Lotsa Love!

Coconut Girl X Reina.