Two Days In Paris – Unexpected Travels

Paris - Reina Kimeu - Kenyan Blogger

Happy New Day,

I have always wanted to go to France and I finally did it!  I went to Paris for a couple of days and it was not what I expected. The rain was crazy and for me, weather plays a major role when it comes to my vacation enjoyment. Being from Kenya, a country whose temperatures are about 30 degrees Celsius all year round, Paris was challenging for me.

Paris - Reina Kimeu - Kenyan Travel Blogger
Paris In The Rain

I couldn’t do much because it was raining but I hanged out at the super social Les Piaules and made some new friends, most of whom could not speak English but google translate came through for us.

Paris - Reina Kimeu - Kenyan Blogger

Regardless of the rain, I walked around, got to see the Republique square. On my way back, I got lost and went round and round for 2hours. Yes, can you imagine getting lost on your own in a new country where you cannot speak the language?

Paris - Reina Kimeu - Kenyan Blogger
Paris In The Rain

I asked about 10 different people but all they did was confuse me even more. I have almost given up when I saw a burger king, a familiar brand. So to get some food and heat, I decided to eat there little did I know that I had discovered a gold mine. The burger king burger was the best one I have ever tasted. My mind was blown and for a minute, I forgot that I was lost and simmered in the Burger King delight.

Paris - Reina Kimeu - Kenyan Blogger
Paris In The Rain

The airline I used was Emirates and I found their staff very polite and helpful. I will definitely go to Paris for a longer time next time. What places should I visit next?

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I love big hair, beauty, eating out and travel.

3 thoughts on “Two Days In Paris – Unexpected Travels”

  1. I’m glad you enjoyed your short stay in Paris. You should definitely come back for more. The city has a lot to offer! 💝


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