A Kenyan Girl Getting Back On Her Blogging Feet!

Blogging again took a lot of courage but I finally did it!

Hi Guys! Thank you so much for the continued support! I have been MIA from my blog for a while now but I am happy to say that I am officially back for good! I have been crafting my writing skills and content creation skills in general at Kenya’s leading digital women’s magazine, ZUMI Magazine, where I am the Fashion and Beauty Editor.

Kenyan Blogger Reina Kimeu Fashion Kuyoh Photography
Photograpy By Kuyoh: Makeup By Njanja

I have to confess that writing for a magazine has made my writing a little impersonal because the magazine and blogging styles are very different but that has definitely not killed my passion for expression. I promise to let you in, not only from a fashion/hair/beauty perspective but also bring you into my everyday dilemmas, struggles, and my crazy ideas! I am happy to be using those skills to improve my content output speed and to create high-quality content. (We all want to see that right?)

Kenyan Blogger Reina Kimeu Fashion Kuyoh Photography
With my good friend @angelamulehi.

What made me come back to blogging was the fact that I had a lot to express myself and this was the only way I knew how. It is a way of letting go of all the steam life comes with and it was not just for me. Over the years, I have received questions from readers regarding issues I wrote about and the fact that my writing helped one or two people is enough to make me want to help others as I also help myself rediscover the person I used to be!

See You Soon!

Coconut Girl! X Reina

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  1. anneDrane says:

    Following your blog! Keep on writing


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