Currently Reading: Novels By James Patterson & Tasmina Perry

James Patterson Tasmina Perry Fashion Forensic Africa Kenyan Blogger

What we learn with pleasure, we never forget – Alfred Marcier

I have always been a season book reader but in the past year, I have taken up reading again. I had a kindle that stopped working and hopefully , I will be able to fix it soon. In the time being, old fashioned  flipping of pages will have to satisfy my thirst for a good story.

James Patterson Tasmina Perry Fashion Forensic Africa Kenyan Blogger

Reading is also meant to help me become a better writer. I am now a content creator for Zumi Magazine ; writing about lifestyle, fashion, hair and beauty. As much as all these topics are fairly easy to write about, I still need to grow as a writer and one of the ways to grow is the by learning and a lot practice.

Fashion Forensic Africa James Patterson

I just finished reading the thrilling 3d Degree book by James Patterson which is based on his all female main characters known as ‘Women’s Murder Club.’ This is a story that takes you into the lives of best friends who would do anything for each other. Their dynamic friendship is enviable to everyone who yearns for a group of non judging , supportive and caring girlfriends. An investigation is underway and we get to tag along one of the most interesting investigations.

tasmina Perry Fashion Forensic Africa Kenyan Blogger

I have not had the pleasure of reading any of Tasmina Perry’s books. I saw this one on the shelves of my local Naivas supermarket and decided to give it a go. I have not gotten around to reading the promising story of a family fighting over an inheritance but it does seem interesting.

What books are you currently reading?

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