Lime Crime Lipsticks Matte Sensation

I have always been curious about makeup and the variety available in the country were not that many a few years ago. Now with the rise of imported makeup, makeup lovers like me can now enjoy a wide variety in  price and product quality. I am always on the look out for well pigmented, long wear and affordable matte lip cremes.  I am open to trying new brands and new products. One of the companies that invoke my curiosity are Lime Crime.

Lime Crime is a makeup company that was launched in 2008, after the founder, Doe Derrie , was unable to find makeup bright enough to match the clothes that she was sewing and selling on Ebay at the time. In 2009, Lime Crime launched their Unicorn Lipsticks, making them the first to introduce distinct and radical lip colors to the market. The first Velvetines followed in 2012, and lead the way in the hugely popular liquid to matte lipstick trend.

These are the popular colors for black women.

Velvet By Lime Crime

Lime Creme Fashion Forensic Africa
Velvet Lime Creme

Wicked By Lime Crime



Wicked Lime Crime Kenya

Gorgeous By Lime Crime

gorgeous Lime Crime

Salem By Lime Crime

Lime Crime Fashion Forensic Africa

You can place an order at : Lime Crime on Glambot .

This is a sponsored post.

Have a lovely Weekend.

Reina Kimeu

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