Fashion Bloggers Make Fashion Mistakes As Well

Many people do not like to admit when they are wrong or when their “amazing” idea turned out to be a disaster. Most of us are wired to immediately get into a state of denial. When things go wrong the immediate reactions tend to be: ” We can make it work”, “They will not notice”,  “It just needs a little this or that” or “It was his/her fault”.  Trying to shift the blame to someone or something else could make us feel better because the reality could be difficult to handle.

I have the same problem. I sometimes have a huge ego and admitting that I am wrong is very hard. As I get older, I am realizing that it is easier for other people to forgive you when you take responsibility for your actions. It also helps oneself to let go of the past. We are not perfect, nobody is, admit to your error and carry on.20150614-DSC_0215That brings me to my epic blogging fashion fail. I recently received images that I took late last year and I have to say, the photographer, Naito Designs and the makeup artist, Michelle from House Of Awuor did an amazing job. These images look amazing. The styling though….mmmmhhh. I have to admit, when I thought about what I wanted, it all looked amazing in my head. I was going for a vintage look and I was really excited about the colors and the knee length shorts.

20150614-DSC_0219When it came to the execution, everything looked so cluttered and confused. I will go through everything wrong with this look from the top. The hair was nice. I really like the color, length and volume of the wavy wig. The hat gave the look a safari vibe, which was not what I was going for. I like the orange top on the yellow shirt but it would have looked better if the shirt’s sleeves were a little bit longer so that the skin was not visible. I like the brown bag but the colorful scarf hanging on it looks tacky and misplaced. The belt is simply UNACCEPTABLE! I like the shorts, they fit right and the fabric was very comfortable.

I admit that the look was simply, an epic fashion fail. Are there any other fails you noted from the look? Feel free to let me know. 20150614-DSC_0218This was a good exercise. I want to go back to all projects that have failed to find the mistakes, write them down and use the information to make better decisions in the future. There is nothing wrong with making mistakes and admiting that you were wrong. You should do this too. Trust me, you will feel much better. Have a lovely day.

Photography: Naito Designs

Makeup: House Of Awuor

Imagine. Believe. Achieve

Reina Kimeu

Author: REINA

I love big hair, beauty, eating out and travel.

One thought on “Fashion Bloggers Make Fashion Mistakes As Well”

  1. Ahem! At first I thought aint she being a lil too hard on herself but then I stared at the beautiful pictures again and again and thought maybe I would loose the the belt, sweater top and shoes if I was rocking this… but girl the shots, pieces, make up and modelling is on point…


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