Why We Went Natural: Two Kenyan Women Tell Their Natural Hair Stories

Safina Iqbal:  A nurse/blogger/story teller (both written and oral)

1.IMG-20160602-WA0009What is your hair story ?
I have had long hair since I remember. People usually assume my hair is very soft but not really because I am of mixed descent. I have cut it a total of three times.I cut a fringe when I was 11, then got tired of it and chopped the rest of the hair to the length of the fringe so they could grow at the same time. But the rest grew but the fringe was left short. I was so mad. I accepted the situation and moved on. Oh, and I can plait my hair! It’s naturally curly and bulky.

2. What is your weekly hair routine?
I usually have to tame my hair. It takes too long to dry so I wash it fortnightly or sometimes monthly.
So I oil it weekly, comb it with a wide toothed comb every alternative day and try to plait it into a pony tail before I sleep. Although there are many times that I wing it and by the end of the week it looks like those big dreadlocks 😂 .
I also cut the split ends wherever I treat my hair.

3. What are the most outrageous hairstyles you have seen?
I am pretty modest with styling so I really envy those who can push the boundaries! But I would say the big, humongous hairstyles that lift above sea level above ones head. Like there is your head, then another head purely made of hair.

4. Have you tried coloring your hair?

I haven’t tried coloring my hair. I like how dark it is. But if I were to color it, i would probably do highlights.

5. Would you cut your hair?

😂😂😂😂 – hell no! I would love to lock it though

WINNIE ODANDEfitndiscover_1423245538_67

A fashion stylist, fashion & lifestyle blogger & recently country manager for Auddl, a soon to be launched e-commerce company dealing with online retail of branded fashion at affordable rates.

1. How is your experience so far with natural hair?

It’s been an interesting journey. I love how my hair has regained it’s strength & volume.

2. What’s your weekly hair ritual?

To be honest, I don’t do much. When I’ve not braided I moisturise alot and Coconut oil has been a great associate. Luckily, I have really soft hair & most times I can do without much product.

3. What products do you use on your hair?

Coconut oil is the main product but I want to try out others very soon. There’s a moisturiser I was gifted that is not locally available, I forget it’s name, it’s one I’d want to get back to & of course shampoo.

4. Are there hair styles you would like to try in the future?

Definitely. I’m quite versatile & experimental with my hair. So yes, there are.

5. What’s the funniest hair growth myth you’ve come across?

Can’t think of any 😀

Author: REINA

I love big hair, beauty, eating out and travel.

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