The Big Kinky Hairstyle Everyone In Nairobi Is Rocking

I have always loved big hair.  Many people shy away from hair styles like these because of the nature of their jobs, the fact that they love simplicity and most times, the reason is that they are scared.  They are often afraid that they will not look like the model on the package. All these are viable reasons. I also usually have a lot of doubts on my mind as my hair stylist tries to make me try something new. Every woman is scared of looking like a mess but the only way to find out is to try. My hair stylist has done my hair for three years now and I trust her judgement so I went with it and I actually love the end product.DSCN6540This hair makes me feel amazing. It’s light, bouncy and has the 80’s vibe. Some people actually think its my own hair. How can anyone be so blind? But hey! I am not complaining.  Not everyone likes my big hair. I went to a children’s home with a few friends and everything was going smoothly until we walked into the 1 year and below dormitory. One of the adorable babies saw my hair and started crying and then all of them followed. It was so funny. 🙂 I am guessing they thought they had seen a ghost.

WARNING: If you work around babies, stay away from this hairstyle. 🙂DSCN6542Things to remember when getting an Afro inspired look:

  • Oil your scalp as often as possible. I use olive oil  twice a week to sooth my scalp.
  • Spray the hair daily to give it a good shine
  • Use a large shower cap to keep water away when taking a shower and hence preventing tangling.
  • Trim the ends once every week. Use a pair of scissors and make the cut with the scissors facing down a few inches at a time. Trimming your hair straight gives it a very unappealing look.

DSCN6544I hope this article inspired you to try a big hairstyle of your choice. If you love have a big hair do or are planning on going wild anytime soon, kindly leave a comment below and help inspire other women to join the #bighair movement.

Happy Jamhuri Day.

Author: REINA

I love big hair, beauty, eating out and travel.

4 thoughts on “The Big Kinky Hairstyle Everyone In Nairobi Is Rocking”

  1. Great post Reina, glad you’re back with your digital pen in hand.

    As a single guy with no babies (!), I’m all for the #bighair movement. I find it really attractive when women have the “don’t care” attitude, so bring on more women embracing the #bighair.


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