Why I Stopped Hating Myself For Being Too Skinny

Kenyan Fashion Blogger Reina Kimeu (Fashion forensic Africa)

There is a common belief that skinny people have nothing to worry about because they do not have weight problems. They say skinny people have it easy for them because they do not have to struggle with watching their diet or finding clothing that fits right. I do not contest this at all, but there are times when being too skinny becomes a self esteem issue. I have found myself worried about my weight on countless occasions. Every time I meet someone I haven’t seen in a while, the first comment is always, “You are so skinny.” When I meet relatives during family events, they always say, “You need to add some meat to your bones. Is there no food in Nairobi?”. Most times I smile and say, “When I get older or pregnant, I will gain weight so why rush it?” but sometimes, I cant help but wonder if all these people are right.  Do I need to add weight? How do I gain weight? I know so many slim people both men and women who have tried a lot of things just to gain some weight: eating a lot of margarine,cooking oil, protein supplements, going to the gym, taking weight gain supplements and some even going to back alley suppliers to get illegal weight gain shots.

Kenyan Fashion Blogger Reina Kimeu (Fashion forensic Africa)
Source: (Fashion forensic Africa)

Having self esteem issues is very dangerous especially as a young adult because it affects confidence levels. There are countless teenagers who have been bullied for being too skinny. Read an experience by Linda S here. I started dating in my early 20’s and this was a little late according to my friends who had their first proper relationships in their teenage years. One of the reasons this took so long is because I had body issues. I thought no boy would like me as skinny as I was. In high school and primary school, the curvier, lighter girls were always considered the hottest and the cutest. Me, being both skinny and dark did not do much for my self esteem. I have grown up now and I ended up being confident about my weight and shape. It honestly doesn’t bother me much any more but there are so many slim, young African women troubled by the Big Assets (curvy and with a bigger a**) trend. This can be torturous because the Kenyan men are not make it better for us by glorifying Kenyan “socialites” who become famous purely by their twerking abilities and their bigger than normal hips and curves.

The media is slowly brainwashing us into thinking that there is a particular size, color or features that define an attractive African woman. The truth is, all that matters is that you are active and healthy. Nobody except your doctor should tell you what you need to do with your body. Do not let the media blind you with false perfection. You are wonderfully an fearfully made. Eat healthy, work out and dance when you can, because there is so much to celebrate about you.

On Today’s look,to “EMBRACE MY SKINNY”, I wore a mini black skater skirt because I felt playful and super confident. I usually stay away from extremely short skirts but this one is perfect for a Friday night out.

Kenyan Fashion Blogger Reina Kimeu (Fashion forensic Africa)
Source: (Fashion forensic Africa)
Kenyan Fashion Blogger Reina Kimeu (Fashion forensic Africa)
Source: (Fashion forensic Africa)

The short skirt is complemented by the red platform heels making my legs look longer and leaner.

Kenyan Fashion Blogger Reina Kimeu (Fashion forensic Africa)
Source: (Fashion forensic Africa)
Marley Braids, Kenyan Fashion Blogger Reina Kimeu (Fashion forensic Africa)
Source: (Fashion forensic Africa)


Kenyan Fashion Blogger Reina Kimeu (Fashion forensic Africa)
Source: (Fashion forensic Africa)

The floral top with a zipper at the front is both fashionable and  functional. I tend to find outfits with the zipper at the front very easy to wear and take off.  I wore a pair of tear drop earrings just to give the look a metallic finish.

Makeup: House Of Awuor

Photographer: Dhruv Photography

Outfit: House Of Shades

Have a lovely Weekend.

Love Yourself.

Author: REINA

I love big hair, beauty, eating out and travel.

10 thoughts on “Why I Stopped Hating Myself For Being Too Skinny”

  1. wow, just week ago, I asked a potential companion what made him break up with the ex and what comparison we have, I thought I would get the normal answer of, We just didn’t get along and other common answers, but his answer was that all your traits are better expect for one thing, shocked a bit I asked what one thing and his answer was your Body.. I was like My body what is wrong with my body, it was so heartbreaking. I am a skinny lady who wishes to have a little weight added but my body can’t as weight I have been skinny since being a teenage. so its true, people need to know the low self esteem we get and understand its a happy place for all people. Thank you for your post


  2. This post resonates with me on so many levels, I’ve always been a skinny girl too, of course now I’m pregnant and fat but haha! I understand the challenges that come along with being skinny, it’s not all perks. Lovely post Reina!



  3. Love this post Reina.
    And people seem to brush off the fact that skinny girls have body image issues too. thats why its called “‘body image issues” not curvy women issues, anyone can struggle with theur weight despite age or shape.
    lovely post, didn’t know you had a blog… Amaaazzzinnng!!!



  4. I’m reading this post 2 years late ( no wonder my mum’s always at my throat saying, “You’re a unicorn girl. Always missing the ark.”) As someone who’s skinny, and light skinned, I completely relate to everything you’ve gone through. The only addition being the nasty aunts who called me “white washed or mzungu”.. I’ve been called anorexic while walking pn campus streets.. Funny because I’m a food hog..
    Being skinny however grows on you with time as you age and you learn that you are who you are. I grew tired of being silent and smiling. So these days when a campus boy coughs ” anorexia” as I walk by with no friends to tear him to shreds, I turn and sweetly give him the middle finger and nasty words. My aunt are now scared of me since I went crazy (last christmas) on a cousin who made a joke about me..
    My parents brought me up to be obedient and respectful, but I’m at that point in my life where I’m no longer taking things lying down.

    PS (My metabolism is slowing lately and I think I’m gaining weight. I’ve don’t bother to know my weight. At 21 years, I can’t donate blood or enroll for the military)

    Love the hair.


    1. Hi Rachel, let the haters hate but remember to also give rude people a piece of your mind. Being polite does not mean that all you do is cry when people say mean things about you. I have toughened up in the past 7 years because I realised all the strength I ever needed is inside me and I think you are amazing and as long as you love yourself, your opinion is all that matters.


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