Would You Chose A Green Ball Gown For Valentines?

Some people say valentine’s day is for desperate women, others say it is a day created by brands to drive sales while others go to the extreme of saying that it’s only day Kenyan men get to buy roses (I do not know how true this is). Well, there are so many theories and stereotypes surrounding this day. My take on all this, is that, Valentine ’s Day actually reminds us all to appreciate the people in our lives. It doesn’t hurt having a day dedicated to just that.

Collage reina kimeu
Green Sequined dress

If you have a date who will take you out, well, I hope you have fun. For the men reading this, I hope you have something special planned out and not just coffee at Java but on the flip side, you do not have to spend all of your life savings or take a loan because debt is not something you want haunting you.

reina 2
My Marley Braids

Single ladies. Where are you? Being single shouldn’t worry you. As much as I am pro Valentine’s day, I am puzzled by women who bend over backwards just to get a date, a rose or gift from a random guy you just met or someone who is clearly not interested. Having a date on Valentine’s day or going on a vacation does not complete you. You need to love yourself. That’s the most important person to show some love to. Take time off and get that fancy dress or facial you have been planning on getting or catch up with that series or book you have been meaning to read. You could even take your friends out for dinner at The Heron Portico. There are so many things you could do on Valentine’s day. Cancel all the negative aura around you and spread some love to the people who actually deserve it.

Its all in the details. Sequined green mermaid dress

And now to the ANTI-RED Valentine’s day dress. The dress is to die for. For the moment I stepped into it, I felt like a beauty queen. The mermaid design makes everyone, even the skinniest of women, look curvy.The front is all covered up but the back has a low-cut with a bow at the waist line. This is one of those dresses you need to wear with a silicon bra or stick ons. A bra showing at the back is a fashion faux par (unacceptable). The headpiece is a re-purposed necklace and the silver earrings were just perfect for the look. When wearing sequined dresses, remember to keep the jewellery and shoes very simple. The glitter on the dress already stands out and you do not want to make the outfit too busy.

shores 2
Snake skin shoes

I went with a silver snake skin closed pair of shoes that are simply beautiful. For my ANTI-RED valentine’s day shoot, I decided to keep my hair style #naturalista inspired. I love Marley braids. This look is one of my favorite of all time. My version of an ANTI-RED valentine’s outfit. Be on the look out for Part 2.


Make Up Artist: House Of Awuor

Hair: Carol Mi (0722 812 877)

Dress: Cyrahs Fashion

Shoes: House Of Shades

Photography: Dhruv Shah

Have an amazing day.

xoxo – Reina

Author: REINA

I love big hair, beauty, eating out and travel.

16 thoughts on “Would You Chose A Green Ball Gown For Valentines?”

  1. You look absolutely Amazing in the dress. Great post. I love your word of advice to single ladies on how to spend their valentines. I hope you have a good one.



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