The Milani Liquid Color Lip Color Swatches

Choosing the right makeup for your skin type is very important. I have spent years experimenting with different makeup brands and different types of lip products. I have to say, over the years I thought that I will come down to a simple answer. The truth is, there is no specific makeup brand that is better than the rest. All you need is a good combination of products that work for you and that are safe to use.

If you rely on counterfeit products, you need to stop from today. All the products you use should be genuine and of a high quality. Most younger Kenyan women opt to buy cheap products off the streets forgetting that cheap is expensive. Buying makeup is not like buying a dress, where the best bargain is always the best for you. Make up is a concoction of both natural and chemical products. There are so many harmful ingredients used to create lipsticks and other makeup items. To avoid long-term side effects like skin diseases, cancer, early aging and blindness.You should wear makeup from a trusted source or opt for herbal makeup products.

I will have to repeat this to make sure you remember my words. Stay away from counterfeit products. You would rather use a cheap but genuine brand that is not very popular than buying a fake “MAC” from River road. If you cannot afford good brands, you can make it easier on yourself by starting a saving plan. Save 400 every week in a month, you will be able to buy a good quality lipstick that costs around Ksh 1600. You can always buy one different product every month. Most products can last up to a year. You would rather have one good quality lipstick than filling your bag with toxic packed lipsticks of all shades.

Milani Liquid Intense Color
Milani Liquid Intense Lip Color

I recently discovered a company from the US called Milani Cosmetics. Their products are more popular in the US than they are here. I have a few Milani products to review but I will start with the Lip Intense Liquid Color. Liquid color lipsticks can be a little scary to use especially for dark-skinned women because the colors are very intense, as the name suggests, and can be very bold. It comes in a plastic tube that is very portable and easily fits in the smallest bags. When used with a lip-liner, it can last for a couple of hours. The moisture ensures that your lips are soft.

Reina Milani Liquid Lip ColorMUA: Michelle (House Of Awour)

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Have a lovely Weekend.

XOXO: Reina

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