My Perfume And Deodorant Favorites In 2016

Perfumes and deodorant are a very important part of our daily hygiene routine. We all have our different preferences when it comes to scents. Some people floral scents, spicy, fruity, earthy or even sweet. The scent we chose to wear is very important because we can tell a lot about someone’s personality from the scent they wear. Different perfumes can be worn for different occasions or times of the day because of their personalities. Some perfumes when worn, give an illusion of strength and power while some can make even the most poker faced person seem flirty, fun and sweet. I always perfumes that are woody and masculine but floral at the same time. When buying perfumes for myself, I spend a lot of time in the same store just smelling products until I find the perfect one.

That reminds me about last December. I went to a perfume store in one of the biggest shopping malls in Nairobi and I spent over 15 minutes just smelling the samples. The store attendants got worried and I remember them asking me if I was looking for something specific and my answer every 5 minutes was no. When I finally got to Kenzo’s Amour, I knew that it meant for me.:-) It has a strong mix of woody and floral scents making it strong but very sexy at the same time. I haven’t bought it yet but I will definitely get it for my birthday.  Shop owners and attendants need to understand that perfume shopping is not a one minute affair. We all need to get the right scent that fits our personalities because you are not going to waste Ksh 3,000 (30$) – Ksh 10,000 (100$) on a bottle of perfume you will hate it the next day.

These are the scents I chose for 2016.

I always like to use two scents at the same time depending on my moods and where I am going. Last year, I used Nina Ricci by Nina Ricci and it was heavenly. It was an amazing. The scent lasted for the whole day and the whole bottle lasted me a year.

guerlain la petiteThis year I chose to go with two perfumes.Guerlain’s – La Petite Robe Noire (the little petal dress). It is an Eau Fraiche ,meaning it is very diluted (1% – 3% essential oils). This was a tricky scent. At first, it was too strong for my liking. It has a very strong and upfront floral scent is not pleasing especially if you spray it facing you. My friends always say, the best way of putting perfume on clothing is by spraying it in the air then walking through it.I do not know how true that is. It got some getting used to but I totally love it now. It is my perfect sidekick when going out in the evening.It keeps me fresh.

L'eau D'isseyMy day perfume the mild L’eau D’issey. It is an Eau De Toilette meaning that it has about 10-15% essential oils, which is a good amount for a long wear perfume. I really like the packaging of this product. It looks very subtle and feminine. It gives me the feeling of summer even when it is extremely cold. The scents in it are mostly floral and musky, which is just perfect for me.This perfume is great during the day and lasts a whole day.

deodrant 3And lastly, the reason why we are able to hug others and stand our own body odor after a long day, DEODORANT. If you use any public means of transport then you do know how disgusting it is to be sitted next to someone who is sweaty and stinks. Sometimes being in the morning when you expect everyone to be fresh, there are always a few people, men in particular, who still rick. Have you ever met a good-looking man who is well dressed, very handsome but when he approaches you, the bad smell makes his looks disappear?Well, I have and the questions in my mind are always: Does he know or not? Maybe it is a condition? Maybe it is one of those bad days! I like to smell fresh throughout so the products I have are, Fa men, Fa natural & Power white grape, Africa Roll On by Luron, Solo ignite and a small oil based Ninna Ricci parfum. This one goes directly on my skin because the oil stains clothes. All these deodorants are available in supermarkets in Nairobi so you have no reason not to smell amazing.

All the best with your Odor less weekend.





Author: REINA

I love big hair, beauty, eating out and travel.

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