This year, one of the things that helped me have an easy and stress free life was my APPS. Yes! Those little applications we have on our devices. There are countless on the app store and honestly most of them are not useful to me in any way, but there are those apps that make life simple and keep you occupied when your day gets boring or when sitting in traffic in inevitable.

APPGRADE REINA KIMEUSome of my favorite apps this year have been:
WhatsApp. The app that helps me keep conversations going with my friends and family abroad and locally, my clients, my business associates and also those irritating people who only text “Hi” then disappear for three months then surface again and say ” Hi” again. We all have these people on our phone books. WhatsApp is a good platform where information is shared and received very fast. This year alone, I have received most of my social, economic and political news via WhatsApp. One nice addition has been the WhatsApp calls. They have reduced my phone call bills by half. No more international call rates 🙂
Instagram. One of my favorite applications. Being in the fashion industry, I really like IG because it’s the platform to get and share ideas, pictures and also get a heads-up on events happening around the world. I have followed a few influential people and companies that help shape the fashion industry. I also like to take and edit pictures so this is app is simply perfect.

Pinterest. This definitely one of the best applications created for people in the fashion industry and people simply who simply love fashion. I always visit Pinterest for style ideas and also images to make my picture board when presenting to styling clients. It is a perfect application for any creative inspiration.
Subway Surfer / Candy Crush. We all know candy crusd I am sure Subway surfer is a familiar game. These two help me pass time in traffic or as I wait for people to get to meetings or dates. I always challenge myself to get to a new level of candy crush everyday but most times I end up failing, which is fine. The game should be enjoyed and not be the source of stress (that’s what I constantly tell myself to feel better).Appgrade Reina Kimeu

UBER. This is a global taxi service that uses an app to get you an affordable cab in the fastest time possible. I honestly did not know about this app/service until earlier this year. At first, I was skeptical about it. To start off, I went for short journeys during the day, just to see how the service was. After some time, I was confident enough to get an UBER at any time, even at night. The drivers are courteous, very professional and they have a few extras (bottles of water, sweets and newspapers in their cars) just to keep you comfortable. UBER tracks the whole journey from beginning to end, gives you a bill on your phone and asks for feedback via email. I now feel safer in an UBER cab compared to other cabs. This is my best find this year because it has saved me a lot of money. Next time you want to use a cab, try UBER and let me know what you think.

APPGRADE REINA KIMEUAs the year ends, with the help of my friends, I have come up with a list of apps they thought I should try out before the year ends.

  • Flash share- This app helps you share applications from phone to phone via Bluetooth.
  • Dubattery – This is an app that acts as both an antivirus and battery saver.
  • Camcard – This app helps people save their business cards in a folder and then organizes them, making it easier to store the many business cards we get daily.
    IMG_3944I have a lot to say about apps but I also need to talk about my outfit. The color of the dress is outstanding the electric blue looks good on all skin tones. I really like the material’s texture and its ability to hold neat pleats for a very long time. The head piece is from my favorite hat designer, Cloe Mitchell of DROP OF A HAT. This floral head piece is part of her new 2016 collection to be showcased at the Nairobi Fashion Week.
    IMG_3943The snake skin black and white shoes are my own and the gold box clutch is from VB Collections. I think this look brings out the fun and softer side of me.                                                        

Photography: EL Photographia

Dress : Levush Clothing

Clutch: VB Collections

Have a lovely time.

Your App master,

Reina Kimeu.

Author: REINA

I love big hair, beauty, eating out and travel.

4 thoughts on “THE APPGRADE”

  1. Subway surfers is running a promo. World tour where you can play in different cities.

    They did Nairobi a couple of months ago. Celebrate that we moving on up.


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