A Look Inspired By Cookie Lyon Of TV Show, Empire!

Inspired By Cookie Lyon From TV Show Empire!

I have a good feeling about this month and not just because Adele’s new single Heloo, has just crushed the world record of most views in a week, but also because December is just around the corner. We all love the holidays. There is always so much to do and such little time left. And this is when we all rush to accomplish all those goals we had set for ourselves during the new year.

reina 4


This year, one of my biggest fashion inspirations has been from the character, Cookie Lyon from the popular TV show, Empire. Season one was mind blowing with looks that made me fall in love with cookie’s fashion sense and her dramatic flair. Episode after episode, I looked out for cookie’s outfits and she did not disappoint. Season two is out but I still think season one brought out the fashion sense in the series way better. One of my goals this year was to add some cookie spice to my look and honestly, I loved it.cookie Lyon inspired outfit


First thing you all need to know about Cookie Lyon’s wardrobe is that she is not afraid of color, prints and she owns a whole lot of hats. Choosing what look to go with was easy. I went with one of her favorite accessories, a colorful wide brim hat. I got this hat from the talented hat designer, Cloe Mitchell from Drop Of A Hat. She makes very high quality hats that would definitely be part of cookie’s glamorous collection.For the makeup, I went with a strong combination of light green and black eye shadow to give me a very serious look. This is my version of a power eye look. The kind that lets people know ‘you mean business’. I also went with a softer color on my lips to tone down the makeup.

reina2 2
Cookie Lyon Inspired outfit


I went with a purple body-con dress and a cap over it to give it a color blocked classic look. I really like the length of the dress. With this length, it can be reused for different occasions. Its neither too long nor too short. The mustard cape is perfect for the unpredictable Nairobi weather and makes me feel like a very fashionable superhero. The vintage cane was just there to stress my point, ‘ I am a tough cookie to break’ . 🙂

Cookie Lyon inspired look


Cookie also loves chunky neck pieces. This particular one caught my eye a few days before my shoot because of the mix of materials, patterns, its weight and the jewels on it. This is the perfect neck piece when going for a look like hers.


reina 6

I have always loved mixing different tones of the same color on the same look and I think came out well. Body con dresses always make me feel like I have an hour glass figure.This is a good hack for all slim women out there.

Reina Kimeu - Kenyan Fashion Blogger

And there we have it, ladies and gentlemen. My cookie Lyon inspired look. I had such a good time shooting this. I hope you liked it. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below.

Hat: Drop Of A Hat

Dress: Levush Clothing Store

Mustard Cape: Levush Clothing Store

Shoes, neckpiece, earings : Own

I would like to thank my team,

Make Up: House Of Awuor

Photography: El Photographia

Have an amazing November,

Reina Kimeu

Author: REINA

I love big hair, beauty, eating out and travel.

22 thoughts on “A Look Inspired By Cookie Lyon Of TV Show, Empire!”

  1. Hats off….that was awsome i loved the close up look on image 4. That look is sooo cookie planning something he he. DOPE WORK


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