Lamu: A magical Destination On The Kenyan Coast

Traveling can be scary and interacting with people who speak a different language, people with different cultures and characteristics, can be very intimidating but I have learnt to enjoy myself irrespective of all this. I have always wanted to travel to Venice, Cape Town, Cairo, Istanbul, Paris, Milan, Bali and Lamu. I am glad to have gone to Lamu late last month. I usually like to write about Fashion but I would like to add a travel section on my blog. I hope you like it.DSCN5466I have always wanted to visit Lamu because of the rich history and the cultural festival held annually there. Lamu is one of the towns in the coast that is timeless and has been meticulously maintained as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is actually one of the oldest towns on the East African Coast.

My trip to Lamu was abrupt and not well planned but all in all, it was an amazing experience. I did not know what to expect in Lamu when I left Nairobi. The weather in Nairobi made the decision very easy since it had been raining heavily and the weather forecasters are still predicting that the rains will get heavier. When I arrived in Lamu, the sun was out, the sky clear and the cool breeze whispered that the next two days will be magical.DSCN5470The first person I encountered was a local who quickly introduced himself, said he was from the hotel I was going to, picked my tiny suitcase and left in a hurry. Being from Nairobi, and very cautious about handling my bag, I knew I had to do something about it. I tried walking in haste just to reach him but the man must have been training for a walk marathon so I gave up. In Lamu, there are no cabs waiting outside the airport. The only means of transport off the island is by boat. My friend was waiting for me on a boat and my bag was there.DSCN5507

The trip to the Majlis Resort only took 10 minutes.Majlis Resort is a privately owned resort on  Manda Island. The architecture and interior decoration in the hotel is perfect merging of Swahili and Arabic influences. I had a wonderful time just walking around admiring the artwork, sculptures and workmanship on the furniture sourced from around the world just for this paradise.DSCN5492I am secretly very sporty and competitive so I tried some new water sports: knee boarding, kayaking and the donut-ride, which was really cool and fun but I have to say, I came back home with aching muscles. When the sun was setting, the guests of the hotel all went for the most beautiful Dhow cruise as we watched the sun set, enjoying a glass of wine and watching the sun set. That was beautiful. My stay in Lamu was short but I hope to see more of the town and their famous donkeys on my next visit.

For more information about this gorgeous resort visit:

Here are some of the images of the beautiful resort from their website:

Have an amazing day.


Reina Kimeu.

Author: REINA

I love big hair, beauty, eating out and travel.

2 thoughts on “Lamu: A magical Destination On The Kenyan Coast”

  1. Nice article splendid travel destination plus the idea of a travel section would be great as well.
    I’d just like to note that in the write up the’re a few just a few word repetition errors.Other than that all’s great.


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