Hi guys! So its already mid October and I have not spent a single weekend indoors. Nairobi Fashion Market happened last weekend. It was interesting . I met a couple of new designers and store owners who were extremely excited to join the robust and fast growing Kenyan fashion industry. I visited the following stands: Zaramu designs, Afronana, Danje, Rohobilla, Fashion Spot , , Tribal Trends , VB Collections , Glam Gals Makeup and Un-beweavable Virgin Hair .It is very encouraging to see more players taking a keen interest in the fashion industry and  this can only mean that the target audience for their products and services is growing as well. If this trend persists, then very soon ,Kenya, will be an African Fashion Hub. In order for this to happen, we all have to play a role. Are you buying locally made outfits or accessories? Are you attending fashion events? When was the last time you had a photo shoot? Lets support fashion creatives.

In the spirit of supporting local designers, I will introduce you to a new design label, Amariru Creations.

Orange Clutch Bag
Orange Clutch Bag

Amariru Collections is a fully fledged fashion house that designs outfits and accessories in Kenya. They specialize in items made from African print fabric.I love the fact that the designer, Sam Amariru, is dedicated to making his fashion house recognized for the impeccable finishing, uniqueness and the quality they offer.

walter 1
Pop of color

The designer also makes bags from any fabric of the client’s choice. So if you have some left over material from any other outfits you made or a specific style you like, contact him and he will make you an amazing bag or accessories at an affordable price.

edit 1
Bags at the back are by Amariru Collections. The hat is by Drop Of A Hat

Bag 2Amariru collections has a wide range of styles but my favorite bag is the clutch bag. They are just big enough to carry the essentials. They would go so well with plain outfits. They add a pop of color on any dull outfit.

The bags go at KSH 1500. To place an order visit their Facebook Page: Amariru Collections  or call +254 710 257 804.

Have an amazing week.

Reina Kimeu

Author: REINA

I love big hair, beauty, eating out and travel.


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