The Masquerade Fashion Ball happened a week ago at the majestic Vila Rosa Kempinski Hotel. The designers showcasing were, House Of Kaji, Bitti Design and House Of Daniel were amazing but the designer that caught my eye was a bag designer, Gonzala Leather. The bags are made from genuine leather, are meticulously handmade and the designs are unique. All I could think about as I watched the models showcase them was: How do I get one of those bags? They are definitely on my wish list and if there is anyone who would like to buy me an early Christmas gift, remember these two words, Gonzala Leather. Thank You in advance.:-)Gonzala BagsEnough fantasies, back to today’s agenda. Who were the best dressed at the #MasquaradeRunwayBall?



I really like the color combination on this look. This look is definitely daring for most men but its very possible.The orange two button jacket, paired with a pink shirt, pocket square and white trousers looked amazing on him. His oxford shoes also stood out, making him the best dressed man in the room.


Felix Karvy is a events photographer and fashion photographer. He is always the person to look out for in any fashion event. Besides his good looks and charming personality, he is also keen on fashion. I really liked the simple look yet fashionable number he had on. Readers, brown shoes are the way to go this season. Men,its time to say goodbye to the black shoe.

12068497_880372945345964_1650104833584016114_oThis look is very intriguing. I really like the suit he has on because the cut is perfect for his body type and the trouser is cut right above the shoe, letting us see the shoe. He is not afraid of contrast hence his tie has green stripes and his waist coat is orange. The shoes are also super adorable. Its a perfect blending of the old and the new.

12079987_880375722012353_7489471332081950424_oThe last man is clearly a ladies man. He went with a traditional black suit, white shirt and black bow-tie for the Runway Masquerade Ball. Our very own James Bond knew that he was on a mission, kill the ladies with your charm. From this image, I think the mission was a success. 🙂 I totally love shirt. One little black stripe made a whole lot difference to the look.


11260714_880374808679111_4135897616889886097_oSay hello to the famous Michelle Ongijo of House Of Awuor. Yes she is the lady who has been doing my makeup for a long tie now. My readers have seen her name on the credit section of most of my articles. As shy as she is, she always find a way to come out of the shell and surprise us all. I totally love her vintage emerald evening gown. Isn’t she adorable? We all love a dress that conservative yet creams out elegance and style. This is one of those outfits. 12091255_880375418679050_1647313390004860236_oBring out the feminine side with a pink number. Gaylyne Ayugi, shows you how to look elegant in a thigh high slit. The MC for the night, also showed us how to rock African print in a subtle way. When i asked about her dress, she told me that her sister is the one who makes her outfits.I cannot wait to see her finished collection. I will definitely be on the look out for her collection.12094978_10153387337502599_1334683591533254432_oEvery ball has its own Cinderella and this was ours. She rocked this modern fish tail skirt and a matching crop top to the ball. I think that she looked amazing and this specific style gave her an hour glass figure. The tribal print on her outfit also stood out. I cant see her shoes, but i hope she was wearing glass slippers.

12095025_880375862012339_2218409677116250646_oTheir look was elegance and bold at the same time. The LBD has been here for the longest time and every year, fashion designers reinvent them , just to tweak them up a bit to suit the year’s trend. This year, a lot of the dresses have had cut out detailing.The lady on the left had cut-out detailing  the waistline, while the lady on the left had it on the elbow. These ladies looked amazing. I also liked the fact they they both chose nude shoes to go with the look. They clearly know hot to dress for a black tie event.

Do you agree with my list? Who was your best dressed?

Photo Credit: Eye-Con Photography

  Dan Onbuk

             Kybe Photography

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