Say SONDEKA! I went to the Sondeka Festival last weekend and I am happy to see that the creatives garage team is working tirelessly hard to promote local creatives. I had really good company that night, my friends, Andy, Rahel and Alex made the night magical. Besides good company, I totally loved the performance by Ohangalaman Makadem,a contemporary Kenyan artist. I met him a few weeks ago, on the set of the #semanami show. He was a guest on the show and I was doing wardrobe (styling). He was kind enough to ask me to attend the event. He is very energetic on stage but off the stage, he is calm and collected and a very wise man. Who knew? Watch one of his performances at the Blankets and Wines Festival, here.

I had a calm weekend and I feel fur-tastic.Ok fantastic, is what I meant, but why not add a Fashion Forensic Africa twist to it? I think this is going to be a good week for me. I will be preparing for my 10 days trip to Malawi. I am super excited.I love to travel. I have been so busy this year and I have not had a lot of time to do what I love to do most, travel. What I look forward to is: experiencing new cultures, meeting new people, connecting with different creatives and experiencing diversity. Be on the look out for my “Packing for Malawi” post.

Reina Kimeu

On to today’s look. I had a fun time shooting this because the man behind the camera is not a professional fashion photographer. He is a friend who decided to try out his photography skills and I love the direction this images took. It was random and different. I felt so relaxed and in my element. I call this look fur-tastic because of the faux fur detailing on my vest.


Faux fur is back and you can get it in any clothing item. Jackets, tops, scarfs, bags and shoes. I do a lot of research on international websites like ASOS, H&M ,River Island and Zara, just to see what people around the world are buying and what is in trend. In Kenya, I have seen a really nice faux fur jacket at the Mr Price, Junction Mall, retailing at about 5,000. There are also very many vintage stores that stock these style so be on the look out and get yourself a good faux fur deal.

reina KimeuI paired up my faux fur vest with a polka dot chiffon top, blue wash out jeans and boots. I also decided to throw on a hat just to give it that relaxed, safari look.


You need to comfortable in everything you wear. This is the first thing I tell my styling clients. There is need to define your style and not let what your wearing define who you are. Be bold. Do not be scared of combining different items that are a little bit off. They might surprise you.

Reina KimeuThe jewelry I chose for this look was a pair of gold star earrings and a chunky blue neck piece. My floppy wool hat , red hair and boots gave it the edge that I desired. There we have it, my trail photo shoot.

Have a lovely Week.

Make Up Artist: House Of Awuor


Reina Kimeu

Author: REINA

I love big hair, beauty, eating out and travel.


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