Hi guys. How have you been? I had missed you. I have met some of you over the past couple of weeks and I am grateful for all of your good feedback and words of encouragement. I have had a crazy couple of weeks.What I have been up to? Mhhh! I have been coming up with concepts for the next couple of posts, I had a series of photo shoots with the talented Kabutha Kago. I spent a whole week with the #semanami crew, doing styling for the show’s presenter, Neomi Nganga, a radio personality, actress and TV personality. I also had my beauty workshop, which was held at the caramel lounge. The turn up and feedback was amazing. I will definitely host another in the next few months. Anything new and interesting happened to you in the past couple of weeks? Let me know by leaving a comment below.:-)


On to today’s topic. I have noticed that a lot of young models and young women who love to take pictures have some “ratchet” image online in the name of modelling. I am not saying that you shouldn’t have bikini or lingerie shots but make sure that they are tastefully done. A lot of girls have been taken advantage of and over exposed to the world in the name of modelling. These are things you should know by now. I am sure that I am not the first person to tell you this. When I joined my modelling agency, they took bikini and lingerie shots of me for my modelling portfolio,but they were professional about them. Till this day, those images have never surfaced because they were for the sole purpose of the agency and not to be placed on social media sites. The point of today’s post is to tell you,my reader who wants to look sexy in your images, that there is a tasteful way of doing it. As much as you want to look like the models in the magazines and your favorite celebrity, there is a big difference between hot and over exposed. I take care of my brand and I am careful about what I wear, what photographers I work with and what I put online. I want you all to think of yourselves as brands as well.Take care of your brand image.

fashionforensicafricaI hope I am talking to adults now, men and women who like to take sexy images for your significant other, be careful what you send out to people. They might be with you and care about you now, but anger can make people do things they did not ever think they could ever do. There was a recent case where some man shared an audio infamously known as “mollis” of him and a woman “busy”. This audio went viral and as much as many people found it humorous, I am sure the woman on the recording felt betrayed, exposed and to some case traumatized. the good thing is that it was not a video. Imagine having your nudes leaked? I wouldn’t want that for me and you. #betastefullyhot


RadekArtPhoto-5562I took this images last year and to me, this was a good example of sexy yet reserved. I collaborated with Radek Art Photography and I wanted to keep them on hold for a while. And today, I got the inspiration to dish them out and share them with you.I totally love the makeup done on my face. It was a perfect combination of the smokey eye and the bold lip. The outfit is inspired by rock stars   FALL OUT BOY’S – MY SONGS KNOW WHAT YOU DID IN THE DARK. If I was a rock star, this is what I would wear to one of my performances. 🙂 My dreams are valid. fashionforensicafricaTo achieve this look, I wore a leather detailed mini skirt, a see through lace, cobalt blue peplum top. Because the top was a little loose, I put on a gold detailed belt and matched it with gold bangles and necklace. To go with my rock star look, I got glittered and spiky heels to give my look a rouge and tough finish.


Do you have an opinion on this topic? Please leave a comment below.

Photography: Radek Art Photography

Make Up Artist: Toony

Author: REINA

I love big hair, beauty, eating out and travel.

10 thoughts on “TASTEFULLY HOT”

  1. Dear Reina,

    Thank-you for caring enough to share insights on personal branding. Your writing is very inviting… makes one relate to the writer as an elder sister or caring friend whose been there and done that…
    Thank-you! Keep your lighter up! it is lighting the way for more people than you can imagine…
    All the best Dear! keep em coming!


  2. I love your blog. It shouts out honesty, beauty and professionalism all in one.
    Could you as well let us know when there are any auditions or agencies looking for models? As you are at the forefront and have contacts to these agencies.
    Thank you.


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