The fashion season has began.The Jumia Kenya Fashion Awards was held last Saturday at the Boma Hotel in Nairobi. I am so happy to announce that Fashion Forensic Africa got the award for the best Kenyan Blog. I want to thank you, my readers,for your support, for the countless shares and for voting for my blog.I would also like to thank my team for always being there for me. A new era has began and I can only wish for the blog to get bigger and better. I have a series of projects for the blog coming up and I cannot wait to share all these ideas with you.

Couture Africa
From left, Reina (moi) , Chero and Laviniah

This week started with a major bang! Couture Africa Magazine, had their 2nd Anniversary party at the Caramel Lounge, ABC Place, Westlands. In the past two years, Couture Africa Magazine has created a platform to local designers, photographers, fashion personalities and makeup artists to showcase their artwork to readers in Kenya and around the world. It has also made its name by supporting students and upcoming creatives in the fashion industry. Couture Africa Magazine has committed itself to making fashionable pieces easily available and has recently launched the Style Directory website, which is meant to make shopping an easy task to consumers. This event was a good opportunity for me to make new contacts and to link up with old ones. The dress code was “Touch Of Ankara”. I honestly went through my closet trying to find something Ankara to wear but ended up with this look instead and when I met my good friend Radek Photography, we decided to have a photo shoot during the event. I know its weird but the crowd was a fashion crowd so there was nothing odd about it. 🙂 I finally met Chero from Straight Up ( the TV show on KTN) and we got along so well. She even agreed to pose for a picture for the blog.

Matte Red by Palladio Cosmetics
The yellow and blue stand out.
Yellow shoes
The green nail polish

My look today will only prove to you that style should not be expensive or overdone for anybody to stand out. I went with a floral high low dress from Mr. Price that cost me about 2,000Ksh. This is one of those dresses you can wear for years and years because it is one size bigger allowing me to still rock it even when my size fluctuates (we all have those moments when we get bigger for no reason whatsoever). I am a bold color and patterns girl and I am a sucker for big floral detail on outfits. I had a similar top on my article last week (see it here)

Reina Shoes and bag
Do not be shy to combine bold colors when accessorizing.

The color I chose for the head band and the shoes is yellow because I needed to brighten my outfit and stand out from the crowd. I got the gold leaf bracelet from my trip to Zanzibar two years ago. The head band goes at 100Ksh and the shoes are worth 1,800 from a stall in the CBD. My clutch bag cost me 1500Ksh. How awesome is that? Ladies, you do not have to go broke just because you need to look good. Save your money by looking for super saver bargains.

Think about your future.Save!

And there we have it. My couture Africa Magazine inspired look. I hope you liked it. If this look inspired you, recreate it and tag me reina.fashionforensicafrica and coutureafricamagazine on Instagram to receive a free copy of the current Couture Africa Magazine issue. .

NOTE: Only 5 magazines are up for grabs so start tagging 🙂 All the best.

Photography: Radek Photography

Location: Caramel Lounge

Have an amazing week and remember to shop wisely.

Love, Reina



Author: REINA

I love big hair, beauty, eating out and travel.

9 thoughts on “CARAMEL SEDUCTION”

  1. Lovely I must say this is breathe taking ..and clearly there is no much struggle for the looks …its natural naturally …love the mix of colours and the mix and match. Lovely gal. And btw on your award hurrey God bless you more and let your star shine.

    Go go go gal


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