Starting over is hard. It doesn’t matter how prepared you are for it, it still takes up a lot of energy and it may leave you confused and lost. I have had so many experiences with starting over. As a marketing professional, I have had to change companies a few times and I have also had to quit when a company’s vision and mine do not match up. I have always had a plan for my life but sometimes things go off track . When this happens, I try to go along as I try to find my way back. We all fail ourselves sometimes but this shouldn’t make us give up. We need to be able to get up from the ruins and make something off the short life we have. Everyday we get new ideas and most times they seem out of reach, something you would never be able to do or a dream too big that it scares the people around us. This happens in all aspects of life: relationships, image issues, businesses, education choices, investments and career choices.

I have had to make very tough decisions in my life and honestly, some of them seem dumb to logical thinkers but I followed my heart and I wouldn’t want to be anybody else. Everything I have been through, has made me a better person. When the time is right,everything will fall in place. Do not let people make decisions for you. Money is good, but owe yourself a beautiful life. Look for a balance between the two. 🙂 I felt so compelled to wrote about this. I hope I wasn’t too serious.:-)

Its time to talk about my outfit. The inspiration of this look was the grey bandage skirt. I have always wanted to try bandage skirts but I kept thinking because I am skinny, they wouldn’t look as nice on me as they would on a curvier lady.  The thing I discovered is that, skinny or curvy, bandage dresses and skirts have a way of highlighting your curves, even when you have very few, like I do, :-). I splashed a lot of color to my outfit with this colorful snake print hand bag.

Reina grey skirt
My journey begins.

I saw this bag in a store in town (Nairobi) last month and I took sometime before actually buying it because I thought I would change my mind. But a week later, my mind was still fixed on getting it. I am Kamba, ( a tribe in Kenya that’s known to love color) so I naturally love color. You should see my house :-). This bag has three different colors and the different textures make it special. The size makes it very functional because I can carry a lot in it. The problem with carrying too much in bags like this is that they loose shape easily. Make sure to stuff your handbags when storing them.

Lets get grey 1
Ready,Set ,Go..

The top was actually from a thrift store, going for 200Ksh. I love the fact that it is see through, I love the huge floral patterns. I Ihad to wear it with a “spaghetti” top inside because I was going for a more formal look. If you do not want to make it as formal, you can wear it without the top. This particular sort of see through floral trend has been very popular. Celebrities have been spotted in this look. Click this link to see a perfect example.

Grey 4
Trying to be nice..:-)
Let the grey begin
Strutting down the imaginary runway

Lets talk hair. This is a wig I had and my hair stylist, Michelle, who is usually very creative, was willing to give it a very big and shaggy look. I really liked what she did with it. It makes the whole outfit more interesting. I have spotted so many women in my city with this look. It is also a good interpretation of Naomi Shebesh’s signature look  (She is the women representative in Nairobi county) .

IMG_6410I love the new Matte Red Palladio Cosmetics lipstick. Its herbal, doesn’t leave my lips dry and it also doesn’t stain the lips. I love the color as well. I went with silver earrings and a gold bracelet.

big hair do
The bigger the better

My brother, Andrew, thinks that this hair would make an ideal bird’s nest. Lol

Black Heels

This shoes are adorable. I love the buckles on it because they give them an edgy finish .And there we have it, MISSION GREY-POSSIBLE, ladies and gentlemen. Did you like the look? Share it with your friends and let me know how differently you would have styled the grey bandage skirt.

Photography: Nesh Maina

Hair stylist & MUA : House Of Awuor

Lipstick: Palladio Cosmetics

Bandage Skirt: House Of Shades

Have an amazing New Start

Love, Reina Kimeu.

Author: REINA

I love big hair, beauty, eating out and travel.

10 thoughts on “MISSION GREY-POSSIBLE”

  1. I love your style, very simple and classy. One thing about colors is they relate to any style addict, i believe you are one, so color your world.


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