This week,  all I want to talk about is collaborations. As a fashion bloggers and a creative I like to work with different people on my projects. I have always liked giving my work a different look now and then. On my blogging projects, I have worked with photographers like, Glorious Photography Pictures, Zul from Talaksi Photography, Neha and the images on this post are by Nesh Maina. They have all given the images their own unique styles that are all so different and amazing at the same time. I have also worked with an amazing makeup artist, Michelle from House Of Awuor. I want to work with young talent on different projects and help them grow. I believe that we all have a role to play in our society and in the Kenyan fashion industry scene, My role, is to create a platform for the young and talented to be seen and heard.

I want to grow my platforms in order to accommodate the different content that I want to put out and hence, I have started preparing for my very own YouTube channel. I have partnered with Ethan, from Duo Trix media for this project. I am excited and also very nervous at the same time because this also creates a new challenge for me to be better and work harder. This is a new step for my blog and I can’t wait to share my experiences with you via YouTube.

And now we are off to my look today. As the months go by, I am daring myself and getting bolder. I think the skirt is very chic and the cut is exquisite. The black leather jacket gives the look more character. The leather jacket is a must have in every woman’s or man’s closet. It gives even the sweetest looking person edge.

Reina collage 2I went with a simple black crop top and leather jacket on top of a high-low draped crimson red skirt. This is a daring look. It is not to be worn to school or to work. This is a perfect for a warm weekend or on a date.

 Reina Fierce look
There is my fierce look

The hair I chose for this look, is my curly maroon Micore Kenya hair. This hair has become my favorite over time and I totally love how fierce it makes me look. For the jewellery I went with my favorite: gold earrings from Hilton Arcade (in the curio shops) and a watch that was given to me by my good friend, Sinnary, on my birthday earlier this month. 🙂

Reina 20The shoes were a must have for me this year: I talked about getting these shoes on my 2015 shoe wish list article (read it here) .These gladiator boots are so cool.They are the kind of shoes that speaks for the whole outfit and they are super comfortable as well. I think they went perfectly with these shoes. Don’t you think?

reina Kimeu
And then I started blushing.

That’s it for now guys. I hope this look inspired you to get the high low draped skirt and a new pair of gladiator heels. The trick to hacking this look is to make sure the skirt is of a comfortable length. It does not have to be as short as mine is. Choose a skirt that is made of good quality material. The worst thing you could ever do is buy a skirt that keeps riding up. It’s very embarrassing when you have to keep pulling your skirt down.

All the best with this look.Tag me on your Instagram Images @reinakcaroline

Photography: Nesh Maina

Make Up Artist and Hair Stylist: House of Awuor

Skirt and Gladiator heels: House Of Shades

Hair: Micore Kenya

Thank you for visiting my blog.

Remember to leave a comment below.:-)

Take every chance ..

Drop every fear…

Love ,

Reina Kimeu


Author: REINA

I love big hair, beauty, eating out and travel.

14 thoughts on “THE KENYAN GLADIATOR”

  1. This is a very bold step. The step that most of the people in the society hardly participate on; supporting young talent. I have been visiting your blog severally, I love your creativity. Keep it up.


    1. I have hope we will be talking a different story in the next few years. The fashion industry needs to grow and create more jobs. Thank you Mike for reading my blog


  2. Wow I love fashion n this is inspiring.. They all blended well from the head to the toe. I can say you have an amazing team. They too did a great job. Keep it up

    Liked by 1 person

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