It’s my birthday week.Yei! This year I wanted to celebrate myself. I believe that we all need to do this often because the life we are living in is hard and we are in a never ending limbo. Spending time with family and friends is good but having time to yourself is even more important. We need to feed our souls with positive vibes and peaceful thoughts. I needed to relax so I got a facial from VLCC, a spa and beauty therapy company I was introduced to a few weeks ago.The facial was very relaxing and the beautician was amazingly patient and very knowledgeable about skin care. After the pampering, I went out for dinner and the dessert was heavenly.

birthday dessert

This week’s birthday look was inspired by Whitney Houston. I did the styling on a vintage project with Zul from Talaksi Photography a few weeks ago.and I am super excited to reveal the images to you. For this first look, I went with my big and bold maroon wig since , the “I wanna dance with somebody” star ,was often spotted with a big and curly hairdo.

reina kimeu
Looking serious for the shot
reina kimeu
The multi-layerd peplum top

My makeup was very subtle with minimum eyeshadow and a bold lip color that went well with my hair color. To achieve the vintage lip look, apply a lighter shade of lipstick towards the inner area of your lip and a darker shade towards the exterior. When doing big hair like this, you must make sure that your face is presentable and the eyebrows are twizzed/threaded/waxed and shaped all times. This is because brighter the color or the bigger the hair is, the more attention you draw toward your face.  To accessorize, I used gold loops, a gold necklace with a tassel, gold bangles and a ring. I decided to keep my accessories very simple because I wanted to give the outfit a timeless look.

reina kimeu 10I paired the peplum vintage top with a gold skirt. Metallics are back and I am happy to rock them. I also wore my strapy gorgeous black pumps and the look was complete.

I had a blast at this shoot because of the funny and talented makeup artist I worked with, Michelle Onginjo. Us girls bonded and even swapped fashion pieces.:-)

Photo Credit: Zul of Talaksi Photography

Makeup: House Of Awuor

Outfit: Thrifted

Jewellery: Gifted

Thank you for stopping by.

Happy July.

Love, Reina

Author: REINA

I love big hair, beauty, eating out and travel.

31 thoughts on “THE BIRTHDAY PEPLUM”

  1. I love your article. Taking care of yourself is very important, because there is no one who can do it for you.
    The photos from your shooting are awesome.


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