Maroon Hair Color Is Very Popular Now

The Beauty and Wellness expo happened last weekend and I had a giveaway on my last post and a reader, Eugine, walked away with a father’s day gift hamper. I met so many people and I had the chance to network with key players in the beauty industry. It was also interesting to meet my readers in person. Its a humbling experience for me when my readers give me feed back. I hope to meet more of you soon.

This week’s hot look is the maroon hair trend. I know its been here for a while but a lot of you are still shy and need a little convincing to jump in with both feet. I tried this color on me and surprisingly enough, I liked it. I am usually very shy with hair color but I really loved my look. You do not have to color your hair to start with. For a one day look, use hair chalk. You can buy them from Chealsea Beautique, Garden City Mall. This color goes well with braids, weaves, wigs and dreadlocks as well.  Lets go crazy!  A little color to your life will make you feel like a brand new woman.

yvonne darcq
Yvonne Draq – Kenyan musician
At the Beauty & Wellness Expo
Domiana of VLCC
New Look Dream Line saloon
Make- Up By Rose
talakasi shoot
That’s me. 🙂

  Remember to send me pictures of your maroon hair looks 🙂

Love Reina

5 Comments Add yours

  1. cookie monster says:

    any other colours popping into Fashion?


    1. REINA says:

      There is also blonde.


  2. Lusekelo Munene says:

    Hey Reina, thanks for following my blog… what an honor! I just SO happen to love your blog. I have dreadlocks and i have been thinking of colouring my hair red for a while now. However, I worry about my hair falling off because of coloring effects so i’m quite hesitant. Any advice you can give me?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. REINA says:

      Hi Lusekelo. Honesly, I have never had my hair colored before.When I need some color on my head, I always do weaves but my make up artist, Michelle has color on her hair at all times. I will consult her for you and give you feedback. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Lusekelo Munene says:

        Thank you, I highly appreciate that.


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