I like to sit in noisy restaurants and work. I know it’s odd because most people prefer to have a quiet environment while working. I like hearing laughter, noice and feeling the existence of life around me; families having a get together, a couple’s first date, the drunkard in the corner sipping a Tusker, a group of friends having “one for the road” , two women gossiping about their other friend who is apparently, “too cute but shady as hell”, their words, not mine. I know it’s weird to be sited alone on a Friday night at the busy Artcaffe at the Oval, sipping my glass of sangria,listening to jazz and typing away, but I love it. It gets my creative juices flowing.
Today was a crazy long day for me. The Hair, Beauty and Wellness expo at the Sarit Centre started and I am going to be there for the three days with a client. Day one was very interesting. I ended up buying my dad a gift for father’s day (ssshhh! nobody should tell him) and I bought myself body splashes, makeup and scented candles at only 500 Ksh each. Everything at the Essensual scents stand goes at 500Ksh only. Yes, really! Palladio powders, brushes, lipsticks, foundations, lip-glosses, blush, eye shadow, lotions, body splashes, scented candles and very sexy lingerie.  If you love good human hair, Micore Kenya will be there to satisfy your needs.It’s a woman’s heaven. The deals are too good to miss out on. And my favorite people, RUPU, (remember I told you about them on my blog last week?) are also there.

This week, I will not have the usual look of the day. Instead, I will post images of me through the years. It’s ok to laugh because some of them will be very weird and old. This post is dedicated to my dad. I am grateful for the love and support he has shown me. When I was younger I thought my parents did not understand me but now, as I grow up, I have come to understand that all they did was look out for me. I am blessed to have them. Happy Father’s Day Dad and all the dads out there!

P:S : There is a giveaway at the bottom. 🙂

For those in Nairobi and still looking for a father’s day gift, I have just the right one for you. All you need to do is be the first (of all of my readers) to get to Sarit Centre Expo hall, between 20th June – 21st June, visit the Essensual Scents stand, and tell them that you are a Fashion forensic Africa reader and that you are there for the fathers day giveaway. I hope all that is clear.:-) PLEASE NOTE: If you are the first to get there then you get the package.

Baylis & Harding For him Package.
Baylis & Harding For him Package.

Have a wonderful Weekend and HAPPY FATHERS DAY

Love, REINA.

Author: REINA

I love big hair, beauty, eating out and travel.

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