Who is Dan Ombuk?
I am Dan Ombok a Kenyan born in Nairobi. I am an Entrepreneur and an events organizer. I run an events company known as Kating Edge Events and I am also a salsa and Afro – Latin dance instructor. My hobbies include dancing and listening to music.

dan ombuk
Dan Ombok

How would you describe your style?
Afro street would best describe my style. My fashion mantra is, keep it simple and stylish.

Lets talk Salsa and dance and fashion. Is there a specific dress code for salsa dancers?
Well two things come to mind when I think of Salsa dress code, fashionable and functional. In simple terms what looks good and would facilitate a safe and enjoyable dance. Dresses for ladies and semi formal/formal wear is considered ideal. We have specific Salsa dance shoes for both ladies and gents.

How has fashion changed other aspects of your life?
Well I pay more attention to detail and I have come to realize that things need not be complicated to look good.

What is your fashion must have in 2015?
I want to get more colored pants in my wardrobe

What should women throw out of their closets? Why do you hate this trend?
They should throw away the wire mesh like stockings, they are not so gentle to the eye and those kind of stockings have a way watering down a nice elegant look.

Photo credit: J Martin

What should men wear more of?
Ankara pants

Who is your favorite local female fashion model?
My favorite female fashion model is Hellen Hivita Rogato

Who is your favorite designer? Local or International.
It’s hard to choose since I have many but I will go for Bevan Oguk, Vaishali Morjaria & Aulgah Nato

Photo credit: Zafarani

Which fashion magazines, websites, blogs, and catalogs do you visit most often?
Fashion Blogs – Fashion forensic Africa, afroklectic, Kenyan Stylista and The Fashion Notebook
As for magazines, GQ.

What makes Nairobi’s fashion unique?
The diversity in styles.

Which was the last fashion show you attended? What makes a good event?
Yes. I attended the East Africa Fashion Week
A good event has to be well organization and managed. The set up has to be superb and the sound equipment has to be of  good quality.

What advice do you have for aspiring designers, photographers and bloggers?
Don’t compromise on quality and money does not always come first.

dan ombuk
Photo Credit: J Martin

How can we find you?
Instagram – dan_ombok  FacebookDan Ombok

Salsa Classes are offered every Saturday from 6pm at the 680 hotel.

Author: REINA

I love big hair, beauty, eating out and travel.


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