Last week was interesting for me. The weather was terrible and the biggest cake event in Kenya was going down. I had promised my friend that I was going to attend so rain or shine, I had to be there. It was a combination of the roaring winds, the rain, muddy shoes and lots of cake (yummy!). I can still taste the pinacolada cake I tried from Valentine Cake House’s stand.The event has countless exhibitioners and I was supposed to go round eating all sorts of cakes but I made new friends at the Rupu tent and forgot all about that. These guys were so nice and kind. They provided me with shelter when the rains came down hard during the event.
I also started taking French classes and honestly, sometimes I want to get up and leave the class, every time the teacher says to me “Ze’ro prononciation” (which means my pronunciation is terrible). The French “r” is the hardest part to get but onwards with life. I wanted to learn a foreign language so I should not be surprised when my ears and mouth find it hard to adjust. I have come to accept that I am not going to speak French anytime soon but maybe a time like this next year, I will be able to write posts in French. Yei! I can’t wait.
Enough about me. The geek on Safari is all about comfort and bringing back the 90’s.The effortless chic look. I paired up pink sneakers with a pleated flair mini skirt. The sweater makes the outfit effortless and, comfortable, warm and takes us back to the error when sweaters were warm. The jacket adds edge and contract to the outfit.

Geek On Safari – Reina
Animal Print Bag and Aqua blue nail polish
_F1R2077 copy
I totally love the colors and patterns on the sweater.
_F1R2079 copy
The Lonely Road – Machakos County
_F1R2083 copy
Out in the wild

For the accessories, I opted for a floral hair clip, a brown animal print bag and geek glasses. The nail polish color on my nails is Aqua blue and I am wearing pink Palladio herbal Lipstick.

Hair : Carol : Sheez Salon (Second Floor) Kenya Cinema

Skirt , Sweater ,jacket and shoes : The One Shop

Bag: H&M

Photography : Neha Bhagyashree

Have a wonderful day.

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Love Reina


Author: REINA

I love big hair, beauty, eating out and travel.

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