This week’s outfit inspiration was the busy city life. Sometimes we are stuck between the fast life and trying to slow down your life to give more attention to things that matter like family and friends. When I am free,most of the time, I chose to stay indoors and leave the fast city life behind but being young and an extrovert, I end up going out. I am more of a people watcher. I like to sit in coffee places and look around and try and figure people out. I create my own story lines and read body language to create stranger’s characters. Are they dating? Are they siblings? He looks like a good cook? Are they in a business meeting? Is she breaking up with him? She must be a doctor? Those are some of the questions I ask myself. I know its so weird that I always seat facing the entrance.I like to see everything and everyone. The fact that there are always strangers around me makes me love city life because everyone minds their own business. I love to sit down for hours and watch life passing me by. I guess that’s what Labour Day should be.The time to relax. Happy Labour day everyone in Kenya.

_F1R1824 copy
Washed out jeans


_F1R1826 copy
_F1R1829 copy(1)
A kiss for my readers
Time to strike that pose.
_F1R1840 copy
Handbag with gold detail
_F1R1850 copy
That cheeky smile πŸ™‚


I paired up my washed out jeans with a red top with floral detail at the back, a black and grey jackets, cat eye sunglasses and red gladiator heels.

Photography credit: Neha Bhagyashree

Did you like the look?

Leave your comments below.

Xoxo Reina

Author: REINA

I love big hair, beauty, eating out and travel.

19 thoughts on “THE LABOUR DAY PROJECT”

  1. i love the acid wash jeans and the sunglasses…plus you have the same traits as me….i always end up trying to read strangers hehe


  2. Nice blog!casual perfected.
    Inlove with the shoes😍😍😍😍well and everything else.


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