What a wonderful Saturday!The Nairobi weather is always changing. Sometimes its raining and a few hours later, the sun decides to punish us with its glare but I will not let the weather kill my joy. Not today!

I am so excited about my new images. I worked with Neha from Intrigue Photography,on a series of images for the blog including today’s pictures. Our collaboration was magical. We played around with different locations for our series of mini road trip photo shoots and she happened to capture a different side of me. We have the craziest pictures and I can not wait to unveil to you the rest, as the weeks go by.

This look is what I call the “Yellow Zebra”. It’s effortlessly stylish and would be perfect for the weekend.

Yellow LaxconYellow LaxconYellow LaxconThe yellow dress top caught my eye because of its color, laser cut-out detail and the its fit. For the weekend, we all like to be comfortable and lose tops help us achieve this. I paired the dress top with tights that have gold detail at the bottom, blue corduroy heels and my all time favorite, a zebra striped bag. With colorful outfits,I try to use very few jewellery. In this case, I had ear dots and a bold black ring.

Thank you for for reading my blog and always having something nice to say.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Handbag: Call 0722 514 468 for deliveries

Dress Top: The One, Moi Avenue (Shop 12 )

Photography:  Neha,  Intrigue Photography

  With Love,

Reina _ thefinder

Author: REINA

I love big hair, beauty, eating out and travel.

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