It’s crazy how men tend to ignore amazing clothes in their wardrobes and keep wearing the same old t-shirts or the same old white and blue shirt to work . I keep fighting with my guy friends to dress better, wear fashionable clothes or to go shopping. But some of them have gotten used to the same look and making them “see the light” is close to impossible. Men have awesome items in their closets but the only problem is that they tend to think some of these items are too tight, too out there for them or too colorful. So I decided to make use of clothing that my brothers or guy friends did not want. I have gotten away with wearing jumpers , sweaters,  cute slim fit shirts, scarfs, rings, bracelets and other unisex items from their closets. I keep daring myself to go out of my comfort zone and try out new styles. Over sized clothes are not my usual pick but once in a while I tend  to tone it down a little bit and be comfortable.

I had an idea last month to have a series of boyfriend inspired outfits and this is the first one of many I will post. This is a perfect look to wear to school or to one of those Saturday work lunches.

reina 13
Stripped Red Boyfriend shirt

I paired up a classic black pencil trouser with an oversize stripped red shirt and put on a belt with it to create a perfect waist line. I chose a contrasting color to draw attention to my waist and away from the shirt itself because its ill-fitting.

reina 16
Blue snake skin Belt

The shoes I chose for this look are red suede pumps and they helped give me some height and also added some sass to the rather comfortable and laid back outfit.

reina 11
Reading glasses and a brown clutch bag

I love color so it was obvious for me to carry this rough leather clutch bag. I love the fact that it adds texture the outfit and just like the belt, it stands out.

        Don’t be shy, make use of his neglected clothes.

Thank you all for reading my blog and for all of your comments.

Photo Credit: Malcolm from Glorious Photography



Author: REINA

I love big hair, beauty, eating out and travel.

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