The Giveaway With Palladio Cosmetics In Kenya

Good Morning. I know this post is one day late and I have so much to tell you. Today is a good day for both you and me. I have partnered with Palladio Cosmetics which is amazing. Their products are herbal and the ingredients used in Palladio products are antioxidants such as Ginseng, Green Tea, Gingko Biloba, Vitamin E and natural humectants and skin soothers such as Aloe Vera and Chamomile. Palladio is beautiful and beneficial.  This makes the products perfect for users with sensitive skin.


For the longest time, I did not understand make-up and what the fuss was all about. I thought most high-end make-up brands were too expensive and I opted to buy cheap make-up from the street vendors in Nairobi’s CBD or the beauty stores that sell knockoffs. I was an economist and my thinking was something like this,”Why spend 500 on one lip gloss and I can buy 5 with the same amount?”  Most girls in Nairobi use these products and hence I thought I was on the right path until I met a wonderful lady who told me about how she nearly went blind because of the eye make-up she was using. That moment changed my life forever. I starting doing a lot of research on the side effects of make-up and the ingredients used in some of these products and the results were shocking. Eye make-up is the most sensitive make-up you could own. Eye shadow, mascara, kajal and other forms of eye makeup can harm the eyes of the user very badly.

7595d2e5e7483082c6f22da86cc9bf00I really want to educate the younger women on the effects of these things we are buying. Everybody talks about ways of wearing the make-up and the different products there are in the market, but nobody talks about the side effects.What will happen to us in the next few years. I am going organic and herbal and I recommend that you should too.

PALLADIO HAULTo start us off, since yesterday was St,Patrick’s day, I would like to give 5 lucky readers, green glitter herbal Palladio eyeliner pencils for those days when you want to add a little sparkle to your eye make-up. All you have to do, to get your hands on one of these is:

  • Share your worst make-up experience or your daily skin care routine on the comment section below.
  • Like the Essential Scents (Palladio Make-up Distributors) Facebook Page

We will randomly select 5 people who have done the above and make their day with Palladio goodies.

See you on Friday.

Reina the Finder


Photo credit: Palladio beauty

Author: REINA

I love big hair, beauty, eating out and travel.

19 thoughts on “The Giveaway With Palladio Cosmetics In Kenya”

    1. I would recommend a good moisturizer with sunscreen properties. As much as vaseline keeps your face smooth, you need to protect your skin from the sun.


  1. Worst make experience,i used a certain cream and my face got itchy all day. Need I say I had an acne breakout the following day.
    Daily skin care,wash my face with warm water. No make-up,no lotion. I got scared after my experience. When my skin gets dry, I use vaseline.

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  2. Worst make up experience: Was at a sleep over and there was no mirror. Either way, I attempted to apply eye liner without it and the result was mortifying. Uneven lines, different shades.. It looked worse than after-crying make up…

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  3. worst make up moment…some cheap lipstick to a date…and on getting there it seemed to kinda have fallen off in patches and my lips looked like i dabbed it using a finger…

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  4. I am so that Nairobi girl.why buy one lipgloss when ican buy five flavours for the same amount?
    I have very sensitive skin so sensitive if I go upcountry today tomorrow when I wake up I have a breakout. I have done almost all dermatologists in doctors plaza.i remember one time a doctor prescribed this cream n I was moulting. I w woke up the following morning looking like a coal mine and had to spend afew days indoor to complete the moulting process.
    I once bought lipstick froma high end a store.very expensive btw just to get hoI need to b in ume and realise it lpoked liI need to b in uke crayons on my lipsand had this weird smell.Its so hard to differentiate the real from the fake which makes it even worse for the consumer. .


  5. I love love love the article.. Finally an article not only on make up products but how they can affect people and their skin. There are several ways of looking beautiful and we need to love ourselves more ladies ! To that , I give you a round of applause .

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  6. daily skin routine-wash face with water and soap, apply lotion.
    worst make up experience is using a bright pink lip stain that ended up looking like a clown. and the eyeliner melting in the sun is always a bad experience.


  7. One of my worst experiences was when I found these really beautiful shades of lipstick that I wanted so bad but they were a bit too pricey and I could only afford one at that time. After looking around, I found similar colour lipsticks but unbelievably cheap so i grabbed most of them. I went out feeling amazing showing of my new lippies but in just a few hours my lips got itchy then later there was an intense burning. Eventually there was a patch on my lip that had ‘burnt’; it was rough, peeling and oh so painful. It took around a month for it to go back to normal = lesson learnt.


  8. Worst makeup experience-Most of my friends are a shade or two lighter than I am.Last month,we had a random event come up and after a sweaty tiresome day,I decided to borrow their make up because i hadn’t carried mine.Foundation and Powder.The event photos later tell the whole story.I looked like a freakshow of some sort!I still shudder when I remember them!

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  9. Am a makeup artist that’s decided to quite her well paying job to help people do their faces justice when it came to make up….so for me i had this bad makeup day when I forgot the big lips small lips rule so I went hot pink on a client with big lips and after taking her photo I went oh my I don’t like the lips….so I begged her for a different color of lipstick, thanks to God shesaccepted and till gave me tremendous referrals.


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