The weekend is finally here. The two days of fashion freedom. No more official wear, no more desks, reports and meetings. Its time to let down your hair, get a home facial, fix yourself an amazing meal and just relax (If only weekends lasted forever) .

I try to have my weekends planned out with interesting activities. Every weekend has to be different from the previous one. Like everyone in the world, I have a bucket list. Top on my list is to learn how to swim. I know its weird that I do not know how to swim and yet 3 year olds can swim like fish. Truth be told, I am a little embarrassed telling you this. People find it odd that I am not afraid of being on boats but swimming scares me. My definition of going swimming is getting into the water, then busking in the sun to dry off. Last year when I was in Zanzibar with my friends, we went into the ocean to ‘swim” with the dolphins. It was fun watching all the fishing boats battling the strong waves just for the countless number of tourists to jump in and swim with the beautiful creatures. I did not understand how anyone with their right senses could willingly jump into an ocean, AN OCEAN!  What if you drowned? According to me, this is an extreme pass time activity because only crazy minds would dare do this. I have been thinking that its time to put my fear behind and go for swimming lessons. Maybe in a few years I will jump into the ocean and swim with dolphins but for now, swimming pools will do just fine. I hope the kids I find there do not laugh at me. 🙂

This weekend’s post is all about channeling the younger you and wearing something that steps out of comfort zone.

Does anyone ever forget how to ride a bike?
Does anyone ever forget how to ride a bike?
reina K (3)
My colored lens sunglasses.
reina K (6)
I love black nail polish. It always makes my rather short nails stand out.
reina K (5)
Tights, vintage bag and boots

I fell in love with this vintage Gucci bag when I was in university. I remember thinking that it was amazing to finally find my first designer bag in a pile of second hand bags that were being sold in town. I bought it at a throw away price but it was priceless to me. The leather is divine and the quality is unbelievable. I know its getting old and my university days are over, but I  take it out of the closet once in a while.

reina K (4)
Bata boots

Bata shoe store has an amazing range of boots that are not only affordable, but also very trendy. Last month, I shared with you my shoe wish list (read it here) and I mentioned that I really wanted cut out shoes and I was lucky to find these. Only problem with these shoes is that they can get your feet very sweaty during a hot day.

What are you up to this weekend? Are you an adventure seeker, party animal or a person who enjoys their time indoors? Let me know in the comments below.

Photo Credit: Glorious Photography

Author: REINA

I love big hair, beauty, eating out and travel.

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