Queens Of Africa – The Perfect Doll

Happy February! Have you ever been invited to a birthday party for a five year old girl and went round supermarkets and gift stores trying to find the perfect gift for them? Well, for me this task takes hours because I always try to be unique in the gifts I buy, (doesn’t everybody?). Nobody wants to be the 10th guest to bring a barbie doll or some pink headband that the birthday girl will never remember.Well, I have good news for you. Warning! This post contains too much cuteness!

A  Nigerian Entrepreneur, Taofick Okoya , launched a line of dark skinned dolls that he calls, Queens Of Africa. This idea came to him years ago when he couldn’t find an appropriate gift for his niece. He opted to make a doll for her and that was his Eureka moment.


There after, he started his doll making business and the sales are doing so well. The sale of his dolls are doing better than the barbie in Nigeria and his orders come from around the world.

10690337_825248107495673_4457956897706793163_nThe dolls have beautiful chocolate skin tones and the outfits and jewelry he adorns them with are fit for African royalty.


What do you think? Would you get your daughter, niece or grand daughter one of this? Of course you would..Who are you kidding these dolls are gorgeous.

For more information, visit their Facebook: Queens Of Africa  page or their Twitter handle.

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Author: REINA

I love big hair, beauty, eating out and travel.

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