When Kendi invited me for her traditional wedding, all that went through my mind was, “What is she going to wear? “.Kendi is well known on Instagram for her cutting edge fashion sense and ability to pull anything off so we all had a lot to look forward to.The weather was perfect,the guests were all looking fab and the food and drinks were in abundant. So we were all very well entertained as we waited for the two families to agree on the bride price.When that was done,the festivities began.


They started with a game. In Kenya,many communities have a tradition where many ladies who are of the same height and build as the bride,are all covered up and presented to the groom and he has to chose the right girl,his girl. If he fails to do so, then he has to pay a fine. So we all looked on  and cheered when the girls were brought out and we waited for her future husband to pick her out. When he finally did, we were all awed by her dress choice. She wore a red and gold mermaid gown by a Tanzanian designer, Jacque Collections Africa.

10363648_742831269100133_6312341578805757443_nJewelry. She chose to wear the famous Maasai jewelry: a colorful head piece,choker, bracelet and necklace. The dress was made of lace with an inner gold lining.It was perfect for the Nairobi weather that keeps changing.Not too warm and not too light either.

1932316_743267789056481_822553531074767632_nShoes. She went with a pair of strapless red heels with a touch of Ankara print.

10305028_742835395766387_8299128272150823202_nTheir guests also looked amazing. Here are some of the fabulous ladies and gentlemen present:

I love everything about this look: from the high low orange African dress,to the blue shoes and the box clutch.I love the fact that she kept the jewelry simple but very classy.
The gentleman’s blue shirt with yellow embroidery stood out.


A white dress to a wedding? Daring but very lovely.I totally love the African print detail at the top.


That’s me and Ace Maich,from Eye-con Photography.

I wish Kendi and Jared a lifetime of happiness and love.

Photo Credit: Eye-Con Photography.

Author: REINA

I love big hair, beauty, eating out and travel.


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