It rained heavily in Nairobi last Saturday. The same old bad habits were exhibited by women .i.e paper bags on their heads and other bad habits I had talked about in a previous article. I know sometimes we forget our umbrellas and jackets at home and we are forced to come up with interesting ways of shielding ourselves from the rain, but what I saw on Saturday,was beyond innovation.

That was the biggest fashion don’t for men. I spotted a guy in a woman’s trench coat. How did I know it was a woman’s trench coat? Well, it had a waist line, an A-line shape and it was too tight for him.

Men need to arm themselves with the knowledge about trench coats to avoid buying the wrong coat. Here are the things men should remember when buying a trench coat.


Buttons:  Men’s buttons are on the right side of the coat and they are very functional and the colors are very basic.Women’s buttons are on the left and they are more decorative and colorful.


Cut: A woman’s trench coat is made to accentuate her figure.The coat has narrow shoulders and a narrow  waist line and goes out downwards.As for a the men, their coats have broader shoulder and a narrower hem.

Is your trench coat meant for you?


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Author: REINA

I love big hair, beauty, eating out and travel.

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