Long gone are the days dark marked by plain boring double breasted-suits which had some unfortunate shoulder pads. The modern man is back to dressing up in this current era of sartorial individuality- via colors, patterns or styles. He is not afraid to play with colors and bright colors I must add.


The one-button suit: the one button suit is for men with lean frames who want to appear stylishly sleek should check out one-button suits. However, avoid splurging on this suit; if you already own several two- or three-button suits, you won’t wear the one-button suit as often.

The two-button suit: The two-button suit is the universal standard because its frame-lengthening properties complement virtually all builds, and it has an enduring, classic appeal. If you have a short torso, two-button suits are also the best way to go.

The three-button suit: The three-button suit is an excellent option for men taller than six feet because the buttons on the jacket reach higher up on the chest, making it more comfortable and visually appealing on taller men. The three-button suit jacket is also an option for waistcoat enthusiasts.


Because worthwhile, durable, fashionable suit is an expensive investment, you need to get one that fits you right in accordance to your size and height. These kinds of mistakes are unforgivable.


Guest writer : Rehema Chess


Author: REINA

I love big hair, beauty, eating out and travel.

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