My sister is plus size and I know how hard it is for her to get stylish and trendy clothes in Nairobi because most retailers stock clothes for women of size 12 and below.If she is lucky, the ones that fit her are for older women and the styles are not impressive at all. As she was growing up she had a hard time loving her body and that lowered her self esteem.Over the years we tried talking to her and motivating her but its never worked.Now that she is 20 years old and in university, I decided to give it another try. I put together a few pictures of amazing outfits that I think would make her look hot, fashionable and make her stand out from the crowd.

Peacock blue and Tangerine dresses

Whoever said that plus size women can only wear black was wrong.As much as black and darker shades give the slimming effect , playing with color is highly advised because it brings out one’s personality.



Black and white Peplum


Peplums are cute and so are pencil skirts.Good thing about this combination is that the peplum makes you look slimmer and the pencil makes your legs look longer.Remember to pair a dress like this with comfortable  heels.

Prints for curvy women

Play with prints,patterns and fabrics to bring our your best features,your curves. Buggy clothes or ill fitting outfits are a terrible choice. Loving your body is the first step to oozing confidence..Even plus size women need to stay ahead of the changing fashion trends.

Play with color

Bottom line is: Curvy is beautiful and sexy and she should not see herself as less a woman.


sources: zanhandi.blogspot, ,


Author: REINA

I love big hair, beauty, eating out and travel.


  1. As a plus size woman, I agree with your post. Another thing to add is that most of the designers with the trendiest clothes cost the most money. Not saying to start a lengthy debate, but those clothes posted range anywhere from $100 and up! She can try some trendy places such as ModCloth as well. This is where I have been shopping recently and I love the fit!


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