Accessories come in all shapes, sizes, colours and materials. Bags, rings, watches or shoes…the whole 10 yards. I reckon there are various types of women when it comes to accessories.

1497514_796435820381258_4855993912859884593_n1.THE NON-ACCESSORIZER. Let’s start with the women who are oblivious to the existence of accessories. Their ears are not even pierced so they do not own a single pair of earrings. They prefer a nude neck, no rings, bracelets, anklets…none of that. What for? Life is already hard enough with putting together an outfit to wear, now accessories need to come into the mix too? These women probably pick comfort over style in most situations with clothing so accessories are a no go zone.


2. THE SAFE ACCESSORIZER. I have to confess this is where I fall. They like to wear studs and strictly studs. If you find them in big or dangly earrings, chances are it is either the only pair of such earrings they own (gifted of course, it is unlikely they bought it themselves) or the pair does not even belong to them.

These women have one watch, in an inconspicuous colour, something that goes with all outfits. Alternatively, if this watch is in a somewhat conspicuous colour, then it must be their favorite colour, which is why they do not mind wearing it every day. She has one ring, or none, wears one bracelet or none. Make-up? Maybe eyeliner and lip gloss, but only on a special occasion. This woman is not out there with accessorizing but still on a spectrum she appears closer to the one oblivious to the existence of accessories.

1959254_796440990380741_5000678555710463540_n3. THE COLORFUL ACCESSORIZER. For her, this is a serious affair! Her nail polish will ideally match her outfit of the day which means that she will be doing her nails about twice or three times in a week. Her make-up must be perfect and she freshens it up every so often during the day. When it comes to accessories, she has a whole counter-top full of choices. Rings, earrings, necklaces ,bracelets, watches,anklets ,belts , whatever you need, she probably has it.


5.THE OUTRAGEOUS ACCESSORIZER. Making up this word, I had Lady Gaga in mind. Remember that meat dress? Yup, that is what we call outrageous. While people are wearing silk, she is wearing beef. When bows are in, she goes for a gigantic bow. Her accessories are a statement. A fashion statement as well as a testament to her larger than life, in your face, personality. She refuses to remain under the radar. When you look at her, you must hear her speak!

10338881_771210892899932_3175765488818587473_nWhich one are you?

Guest writer: Kathleen S.

Photo Credits: Radek Photography & Fotogeric.


Author: REINA

I love big hair, beauty, eating out and travel.

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